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    Lightbulb 6 weeks left & we're stuck. Help! How would you makeover/fix these names?

    We need helping naming our little guy... With only 6 weeks until our due date, we are starting to get worried that we will not choose a name before we get to the hospital.

    Here is a list of the names that we like but cannot use for one reason or another:

    - Edison: I love this name, but my husband does not feel the same way. Also, it would not work because our little guy's middle name is going to be a family name (John), and Edison John does not work together.
    - Maverick: We both like this name. I tested this one on fellow Nameberries and received a negative reaction, which makes me worry that we could regret this choice if chosen.
    - Bishop: Husband felt pretty indifferent on this one, (while I liked it), but Nameberries strongly vetoed this option as well.
    - Barrington: Too long unless there was a usable nickname that we liked, would not work with the middle name John, and the obvious choice of Barry as a nickname frankly ruins the name. I would just want our little guy to be our "little Bear" forever, which isn't realistic.
    - Duke: We both really like this name, but is it really useable? I don't think it would be a good forever name once he gets past the age of 10. Maybe we need a name that has Duke as a nickname possibility? That could be helpful.
    - Hartwell: Once again, I like this name and the nickname Hart, but my husband is not a fan. He thinks any name with Hart in it belongs to a little girl.
    - Wyatt: My husband loves this name but I do not like it. All I hear is "Why it?" so the name loses all appeal for me.
    - Truett: I thought this may be a good compromise for Wyatt, but my husband is not as keen on this one.
    - Elijah: Way too popular for us to consider since has pushed beyond the top 20. Also, it is a name we both like overall but it does not evoke a feeling of being "the one." We just don't love it.

    Please help. Any ideas & suggestions are welcome. I seem to gravitate more towards surname & title names, while my husband likes names that are either high in popularity or athletic/"manly man" names.

    Our last name is the short and choppy "Cruise", so this needs to be taken into consideration as well. Please no monosyllabic names unless you feel they can work with John and Cruise as following names. Sorry, I do not want to name my little guy "John" and use a longer name in the middle as I am not a fan of the name, but it has family meaning so it stays in the middle place.

    Happily married and expecting our first cutie pie, a baby boy, in the beginning of February.

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    Colton John Cruise
    Decker John Cruise
    Hawk John Cruise
    Hawthorne John Cruise
    Walker John Cruise
    Zane John Cruise

    I think you like "Cowboy" type names from what I can tell. To me, nothing says cowboy more than Western novel writer Zane Grey.

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    Ellington gets you to nn Duke.

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    What about variations of the names that one of the other of you like:

    Instead of Edison, what about Edward, Edmund or Edgar?

    Instead of Maverick, what about Marshall, Victor, or Erick?

    Instead of Bishop, what about Winthrop?

    Instead of of Barrington, what about Bennington, Bennett, or Bartlett?

    To get the nickname Duke, what about Marmaduke or Declan?

    Instead of. Hartwell, what about Hayden, Harley, Harvey?

    Instead of Wyatt, what about Wylie or Wilson?

    Instead of Truett, what about Jett, Abbott, Everett, Talbott, or Tyler?

    Instead of Elijah, what about Enzo, Elliott, Levi, or Easton?
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    Ditto to what paw said.

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