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    Urgent twin girl names - please help!

    My twin girls are due in a week and we still don't have names sorted. Loving Delilah, Cordelia, Eloise, Juliette. Are Delilah and Cordelia too similar to use together? Perhaps Coralie is better? We don't mind Romilly either, though I'm not sure if it's a "real" name. Any other names strike you when you see this list?
    Opinions and suggestions most gratefully received

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    Congrats to you! I think Delilah and Cordelia are fine, They both end in "a" but they're otherwise both quite distinct in sound.

    Twinset Suggestions

    Delilah and Eloise
    Eloise and Juliette
    Delilah and Coralie
    All the best,

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    Romilly is absolutely a real name! It's been used in the UK for ages but is only just gaining popularity now (having said that I do know one in her 30s). I read a blog by a woman with a little girl named Romilly and she featured this page about people called Romilly/about the name which is worth reading:
    Her other children are Pippa, Juniper, Coraline (maybe an alternative to Cordelia?) and Beatrix which are sort of inkeeping with your taste.
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    (Iseult = ee-soolt. Iseabal = ishbel.)

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    As a twin, I'm here to say don't freak out! You have beautiful names on your list!

    Love Eloise and Juliette together. French familiar vibe!

    Delilah and Cordelia aren't too similar, and Coralie feels a little off to me with Delilah. Cordelia is gorgeous with vintage Eloise as well!

    Romilly is totally a real name, as above poster mentioned. I like it with Juliet off your list - I'd use the streamlined spelling here so you don't have one uber-femme name (Juliette).

    Others you might like would be Adela, Abilene (with Delilah?), Coraline (with Romilly?), Celeste, Emmeline, Estella (with Juliette?), Fiona (with Juliette or Eloise?), Gwendolyn (with Romilly?), Harriet (with Cordelia?), Imogen (with Cordelia or Eloise?), Iris (with Romilly?), Jessamine (with Romilly, Eloise, or Cordelia?), Magdalen (with Delilah?), Marguerite (with Eloise?), Naomi (with Delilah?), Rosemary (with Cordelia?), Susannah (with Delilah?), Tamsin (with Romilly?), Violet (with Eloise?), or Vivien/Vivian (with Romilly?)...

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