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    Paul has been floating around here.

    We have been asking family to throw out family names. Paul is another family name. We have a similar feeling about Paul as we did with David, a little unsure but also really liking it. We love David now. What are your opinions about Paul?

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    Oooh. Paul. Handsome, solid, strong. Lots of history, mostly good. I like it!
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    I have been liking Paul a lot lately - it's just so strong and handsome, as well as being a classic. I prefer it to David, but I have mixed associations with David, so that might be affecting it.

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    Paul is such a handsome name. Every boy I have ever been in love with has been a Paul (my husband most of all!).

    It's both classic and jaunty, and not overused these days.

    I like Paul much more than David.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I truly want to love Paul. I love the story of the apostle, and I love the Russian form (Pavel!), but I just can't get into Paul. It's so middle-aged and boring for me! I can appreciate David much more than I can appreciate Paul (probably because I think Davy's pretty cute). It also may be because I adore Peter so very much, and Paul just doesn't compare at all for me. I would be tickled pink to meet a little boy named Peter. Sad as it is, if I met a Paul, I would probably just think, "Meh. It must have been a family name." I wouldn't judge him for his name--I just don't find it interesting at all. I like Peter (and David! ... and even Henry Birch! le sigh. I adore that combo) much more.
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