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    I like Asher in other languages, but in English it sounds an awful lot like "someone who ashes," the issue with that being that you can't "ash" something. Archer just sounds so dashing to me, even though I tend not to like occupational names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Asher's Biblical history trumps Archer the occupational/surname for me. Asher is an old name that sounds contemporary. Archer is a trendy name that may sound "old" soon enough.
    I agree with this. Although, Asher is very popular where I live and I have yet to know an Archer. Also, I wonder if people would ask if you are into archery. Our family is, so maybe that's why I'm thinking it.
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    Thank you, all.

    We keep going back to Asher. I think we are just attached to Asher Boone as a whole already. We can not even picture Asher with a different middle name.

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    Archer all the way. I find Asher sounds really stuffy and pretentious to me. While Archer sounds way cooler! I also adore the nickname Archie though!
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    Asher Boone is a nice combo, if you're already attached to it then I think you've found your winner! Congrats!

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