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    I was going to suggest Nicholas (no surprises there, I'm selling it to anyone who will listen), but I see you got there already - Boaz Nicholas Henry is so handsome and dreamy, but it is a little traditional and it sounds like you want something with a little flair. What about:

    Boaz Samuel Henry (bother, just checked your other boy names and you got there first (as a first) again, but it's nice so I'll keep it on as inspiration)
    Boaz Nathaniel Henry
    Boaz Daniel Henry
    Boaz Elijah Henry
    Boaz Joshua Henry
    Boaz Christopher Henry
    Boaz Cameron Henry
    Boaz Isaiah Henry
    Boaz Jonathan Henry
    Boaz Jude Henry
    Boaz Gabriel Henry
    Boaz Alexis Henry

    Do any of these tick the box?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    No fair! You can't get away with dangling something as epic and handsome as Boaz Daniel Henry in my face and then walk away! (btw, I totally need something easier to call you than @ciottolo - I can never remember how to spell it! haha!) le sigh. With my surname, I just won't do three 2-syllable names in a row, but I absolutely adore Boaz Daniel Henry. It helps that Daniel Henry has been one of my favorite combos of all time. I also like Boaz Samuel Henry, Boaz Joshua Henry, and Boaz Elijah Henry, but I'm trying to stay away from Biblical names with the super-religious/Hebrew Boaz. I had been thinking about Boaz Benjamin, and still like it, but I feel like something like Boaz Benjamin Noah sounds like a list of Bible names, rather than an actual combo. I am very happy and proud of my faith, but I like having lots of lovely associations with my combos, not just different Bible names. Literature and nature and family and history and culture and languages and good themes like hope and strength.

    Alexis for a boy has always intrigued me, but I'm not sure. Boaz Aubrey? I feel like Aubrey and Alexis have similar feelings for both genders. I like Alexander or Alexei more than Alexis, and I'm not sure I really like them with Boaz, what with the harsh "Z" and "X" so close together. Ironically, though, I am thinking about Boaz Xavier... Boaz Xavier Henry? Is that too harsh?
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    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    Oops, sorry. Forgot the two-syllable rule thingy. Daniel Henry is so handsome though - I really am starting to think that Henry is 'That Name' which makes every combination sound dashing and sophisticated! It's definitely Elisabeth in the way you describe. I see what you mean, Boaz may be a little Biblical to pair with both Benjamin and Noah, and Boaz Benjamin Henry has that repeated -en sound that makes it sound a little off... (Alexis is one of those names I feel I should really like, but I don't - it was a shot in the dark really) Having immediately just typed, "Hmm, I'm not sure about Boaz and Xavier so close together", I have just really thought about it (although ahh, not sure if I'm saying Xavier right) and I love the sound - it's a bit of a tongue-twister but one that is really 'calmed down' by Henry, which has performed its usual magic - voila, a great-sounding combination! Boaz Xavier Henry does look harsh in a way (all those tricksy end-of-alphabet letters), but it's not when said out loud. What about Boaz Henry Xavier? Does that reduce harshness?

    Oh, by the way, call me Lin if it's easier. It's not my real name, but I'm trying it out for the moment.

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    Boaz Emerson Henry is adorable!! I'm generally not a fan of 2 middle names, but the flow is perfection and rolls of the tongue. Boaz Nicholas Henry is also adorable. I love Nicholas.
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