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    Hmm, initials are funny things. They really don't come up all that much, and in many circumstances don't come in the actual order (i.e. monograms where Oliver Richard K. would be ROK). Now that I'm out of college, I either don't know or can't remember any of my friends' middle names. So while I admit I was originally put off by ORK, I don't actually think it would come back to bite him.

    I do think, however, that Zach K. would be rather guttural and harsh. That's not my fave.

    With this said about Oliver and Zach, I actually think Hayes is my fave. Lucas, Ryan, and Hayes share this cool quality where they totally work has first names and have surname-y roots. I think either Richard Hayes or Hayes Richard is fine. While the flow of the former might be a tad smoother, Hayes Richard sounds great to me.

    I only glanced at the previous posters' suggestions, but I also think these would sound good (I suppose my repeats are seconding their recs):
    Lucas, Ryan, & Banning Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Crosby Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Finn Richard Or Flynn Richard (or those reversed with Richard up front)
    Lucas, Ryan, & Tate Richard or Tatum Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Channing Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Grady Richard or Brady Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Sullivan Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Chandler Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Nolan Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Everett Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Cabot Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Preston Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Harris Richard (Harry or Ari for short if you prefer)
    Lucas, Ryan, & Burke Richard
    Lucas, Ryan, & Amory Richard
    Lucas, Ryan & Tolliver Richard (helps avoid ORK and is far less common than Oliver)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsk View Post
    Such great suggestions-some I love but are already used by our siblings! I am leaning towards Oliver, Zachary, and Hayes (from another list!) Our last name starts with a "K"- That would mean Oliver's initials would be "ORK"- too weird? For Zachary, if we shorten it to "Zach", is it too hard of a "k" sound against our lat name? And does Hayes need to be reversed to Richard Hayes and just go by Hayes or does Hayes Richard sound fine? Or am I overanalyzing!?
    I shy away from Zachary with a "K" surname for the reason mentioned. Zach K___ will slur into Zakelly, Zakennedy, etc. I don't see a problem with Hayes Richard, nor with Oliver Richard. In my experience, initials rarely come up post-birth announcement.

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    While Zachary in itself sounds fine, I agree that Zach would sound too hard against your surname.

    I personally think Oliver suits your other boys' names much better, but if you did go with Hayes, there wouldn't be a problem with just making his first name Hayes if that's what you'd call him c: But I don't think the initials on Oliver would be a problem!

    It's a big decision! I'm sure whatever you guys decide on will be perfect c:
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