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    23 42.59%
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    I have an Emerson on my street; a boy. Never met a girl Emerson, I think it's a regional thing.

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    It's both. All boy AND going to the girls!

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    The only Emerson

    I've known was a male high school student. And Ralph Waldo!

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    It suits both boys and girls IMHO.

    Personally, I'm a fan of boys names on girls (although my partner says he prefers 'feminine, pretty, traditional girl names' for girls). So, I understand the appeal of naming a girl Emerson but using the nn Emma i.e. Emma sounds a bit 'tired' and/ or dressed-down, whereas Emerson is fresh, pretty, smart & 'all dressed-up' for a little girl. It's also sophisticated for a grown-up women.

    I'm also considering using boys names for a girl (if my baby is a girl) i.e. Evan Robert York. I will add Scarlett at the end as my partner likes the name i.e. Evan Robert York Scarlett or maybe Evan Robert York Sky. However, I haven't had many positive responses to it yet from family & friends (except my mother's response - she loves it too!).

    I did love overtly feminine names previously, but they are losing appeal for me now. I don't know why. Even Elizabella, a name I once loved seems like it's too puffed-up in tulle & hairspray now. But I might change my opinion (yet again!).

    But re Emerson, it's a very fine name, for either a boy or girl.
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