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    Me: Virginia Sands.
    Team: Boston Storm.

    1. Solana Russell.
    2. Eve Harvey.
    3. Marley Milton.
    4. Emmeline de Sousa.
    5. Sylvie Pratchett.
    6. Rosie Gaiman.
    7. Florence Pullman.
    8. Lola Kate.
    9. Charlotte Lewis.
    10. Rhiannon Ben-adar & Decima Ben-adar.
    11. Gabriela Singh.
    12. Eleanor Clare.

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    Your Name: Alexa Kay Starr
    Team: Pink Fusion

    1. Samantha Shannon Lawson (Sammy)(1), one of the most serious players on the team. Both her parents were soccer players and her 2 older sisters, Marley and Claire, play soccer. Best friends with Jackie.
    2. Clara Michelle Mannes (2), Isn't much of a serious player, she likes sitting in the grass and picking at it. She has a baby brother named Oliver.
    3. Jaclyn Danielle Lanzotti (Jackie)(3), Loves soccer and envies Hope Solo. Just like Sammy, she follows in her big sister, Gabby's footsteps. She also has a twin sister on the team, Sadie.
    4. Aubrey Marie Peck (4), her mom made her join many sports, and Aubrey doesn't like soccer. She's more into being girly and swimming. She's an only child. Her and Sadie get along very well.
    5. Sadie Isabella Lanzotti (5). She's totally unlike her twin sister Jackie. Sadie likes soccer, but she doesn't want to stick to it. She much rather be in softball, or catching a ball with her hands rather than her feet like Jackie and Gabby. Her and Aubrey are really good friends.
    6. Maci Lee Oostendorp (6). Cousin of Aubrey. She moved over from Germany a few months ago and joined soccer to make friends. She really likes soccer. Her older brother, Axl, stayed in Germany with his wife.
    7. Gracie Love Simons (7). She likes playing in her backyard with her family rather than on an actual team because she can be rough, but she still likes soccer. She has 3 older brothers, Joel, Casey, and Max.
    8. Alexis Mei Lee (8). Has been playing soccer since she could walk. She goes to a small Catholic school a city over, but she has more friends on the field then in the classroom. She has 1 older sister, Lauren.
    9. Zoe Elena Riches (9). The oldest girl on the team, kind of like a motherly figure to the rest. Being the middle child of 7 kids, she's usually dealing with lots of chaos and she puts that anger out on the field, she's very expressive. She has 4 sisters, Brinley, Zealyn, Calie, Guinn, and 2 brothers, Gus and Zeke.
    10. Taylor Zoey and Kailey Gwyneth Calabrese (10 and 11). Both little girls are best friends with each other, and they both love soccer. Both parents are currently serving in the US Army, so they stay with their grandmother Grammie May.
    11. Camilla Carlotta Crasney (12) Kinda likes soccer, but at the same time she doesn't. She's in it for the pink socks. Her mother died when her and her twin sister Cayla were very young, so they live with their dad and his girlfriend.
    12. Hazel Noah Gasset (13.) Very ditzy and clumsy, but when she's balanced, she's an excellent player. Only child.
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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