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    I like Iris, Isolda, or Imogen w/your sibset. Also, perhaps Alexandra (nn Sasha)?

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    oh, I think Alexis might be perfect! I think Avery is too similar to Addison but see what you mean about Anna leaving Addison left out. Alexis is fun, not too girly and has the awesome X factor.

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    Yes to Anna! I love this name! Maybe you could give her a middle that you think matches that other sibling's name better if you think it would unify the siblings. Or maybe you would like Hannah?

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    I love Anna. Anna is a beautiful name. I personally feel you need to find a unisex name though. People seeing your children's names written (or just hear them) could mistake Addison as a boy. They still could if you pick a unisex name for your fourth (they may mistake you having two girls and two boys) but Addison will only stick out even more if all three of her sisters have non-unisex names. I am not saying that people should or that I am against unisex names or boy names on girls. I actually like Addison. I like many unisex names on either gender and I like many boy names on girls. You have a mix, nothing wrong with that, but best kept mixed then one standing out.

    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Finley
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Blakeley
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Campbell
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Parker
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Taylor
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Reese
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Rylee

    Suggestions that repeat a letter used - Elliot, Auden, Arden, Alexis, Alex

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    I like Anna best of the names you like. If you want it to be, more unusual you could make it a double name. Annabelle, Anneliese, Anna-Marie,Anna-Rose, Anna Claire, etc.
    I think Alexis sounds dated more than the other names. I second Iris, and Imogen. I also like Ava, Iona, Eileen, Isidora, Ivy, Ines, Una, Opal, Eden, Erin, Alora, and Angela.
    Anna is lovely, timeless, and one that a lot of people I know would like. My friend Anna Rose get compliments on her name. Good Luck!
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