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    my two character crushes are KEllan Lutz as Emmett in the twilight movies and Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan in Criminal minds

    im in a lots of fandoms top ones are THG and HP
    IM A NURSE!!
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    Top Names
    Noah Rupert / Cole Russell
    Bria Aurelie / Ruby??

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    @Maple Hmm, well, these characters that I adore goes beyond lust. Usually. I find them attractive in some way, but it's deeper. I love the characters, and I want good things for them. The ones who never got a happy ending sits very wrong with me, and I've cried for days over their story arcs, so I get what you mean by calling them your babies. Some I can think of, I just get infuriated when I think of how the writers ended it. Kara Thrace? Yeah. Fuck you writers. I'm glad you mentioned Misty Day, I'd forgotten about AHS. She's not getting enough screen time, and every time I see her I cheer. Ianto and Jack... yes. Heartbreaking.

    @frustratedauthor Yes! I forgot to mention Star Trek. Urban's McCoy is wonderful.

    I did watch the Doctor Who mini-special! I'm even more excited about the 50th now. We're going to the theater to watch it, and I really hope there's a huge crowd of nutty fans there.

    @Moon I've never grown to like Kennedy from Buffy. I think I need more time to get over Tara, haha. Not as much time as I need for Fred, though. Yeesh. I can't even discuss that one.

    @Ren I'm a Moffat fan, but I do agree he's got some issues with his story-telling. We've been re-watching a lot of episodes the last few weeks and here's the conclusion I've come to. Davies was the better writer in terms of letting a story unfold. He had a lighter touch, and knew how to leave subtle clues. Bad Wolf spread throughout the episodes, with the Donna episodes, things disappearing "the bees are disappearing!", and just a hint of Rose here and there to let you know something was wrong in the universe. Moffat's stories are too messy, there's too much going on and you don't have time for details, however, he's the more creative of the two. His monsters are very interesting, although he tends to over-use them, and he's done some interesting things with the mythology. His clues however are either overly obvious, or there are no clues and he gives you the twist and you're left thinking "huh??" Still, some of my very favorite episodes have come from Moffat, although I hated almost everything about the 7th series, the second half especially. I do not like Clara, which bums me out because I thought I was going to love her. I loved Dalek Clara and Victorian Clara. Real Clara is not my cup of tea.

    @Tristan YES!! Alistair. Jeeze. How could I forget him? The first time I played the game, I got him killed and I went catatonic. I literally dropped the controller, and once I realized that it was actually happening, I started crying like my best friend had died. I sobbed. SO came home from work to find me hiding under the covers, just a mess. Ugh. It was horrifying. I probably get way too invested in fictional characters, but especially in an RPG setting, it can be devastating. I'd invested actual feelings for this character!

    @Dantea hehe! Glad I gave you a giggle. I'm still not over the Jane vs Sif thing. I really thought Jane and Thor would come to an end, and he could explore a relationship with Sif in the next one. I'm familiar with their mythology, as well as the comics. Honestly, I think they're doing the movies a disservice by keeping Jane around so long and having too much Earth stuff. We have the other Marvel characters to save Earth, I want to see some bad ass mythology meets comic book stuff in Thor! I want Ragnarok and Brunnhilde and Balder and more Heimdell!!

    I'm not going to discuss book loves because they're more... obsessions, and I can't discuss them like a rational person. They mean too much to me, because who they are is almost entirely in my head, rather than an actor representing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    I'm not going to discuss book loves because they're more... obsessions, and I can't discuss them like a rational person. They mean too much to me, because who they are is almost entirely in my head, rather than an actor representing them.
    Me too. Much more difficult to contain myself with characters in books. But I will try and get back to them later... because they move me intensely.

    And Thor and Jane and Sif, aaaaaargh!!! It bugs me! First of all, Sif's Thor's one true love in the myths. Second of all, she's sooo much cooler and she's also very very hot. Jane's annoying, lifeless and plain. I've never been able to truly like any character played by Natalie Portman, but this one's the worst. Possibly because I take my mythology very seriously. Anyway, yes, more Heimdall! Idris Elba rocks that part! And all the rest of them. I do love the Thor movies though, as long as we keep to Asgard.

    My lady loves:

    Rose in Titanic - or basically anything played by Kate Winslet. I adore her.
    Orlando in Orlando - played by Tilda Swinton
    Arwen, Eowyn and Galadriel in Lord of the Rings, and I assume Tauriel in The Hobbit DoS
    Aurelia in Love Actually. And Juliet. And Mark and Jamie, but they're men.
    Hildegard in His Girl Friday - the first time a woman was funny, like really funny on the screen. Rosalind Russell was gorgeous.
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    Yes. My friend and I have been doing a re-watch from 2005 onwards. We're halfway through three at the moment. You're totally right about the differences between RTD and Moff. Those are the conclusions we came to as well regarding his messy storytelling.

    And Clara. Eugh. Yes. She only exists to serve a plot that made no sense. There's nothing else to her. Even Martha was given more of a back-story and she was almost as dire.

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    None of Eleven's companions have been my favorites. I liked Rory and Amy was okay, but I feel like they stuck around too long. I adore Jenna-Louise but I'm not crazy about Clara. I'm not a fan of River either. I feel like she had potential at first, but her storyline has been drawn out for too long. I think Moffat just has a crush on Alex Kingston.

    I agree with redwoodfey about the difference between Davies and Moffat.

    Since we're still talking about Marvel, am I the only one who would love a Black Widow movie? I can't find the interview right now, but I'm pretty sure I remember Joss Whedon saying that he'd already written the script. It's just a matter of finding someone who's willing to pay for the movie. Because no one has enough money for a Black Widow movie, but we can remake Batman, Superman, and Spiderman over and over. :/
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