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    Rosabel is a beautiful name. It is not chavy at all. I don't know why anyone would think that!

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    I agree - go with your heart! This is your baby after all, not theirs!

    If you were really keen to appease everyone else, however, you could always put Rosa Belle / Rose Isabelle, etc, on her birth certificate and just call her Rosabel - it's whatever works for you at the end of the day!

    Good luck

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    Thanks yeah I am aware Rosabel Ellison could be a bit of a mouthful, on that basis do you think Charlotte ( Lottie) Ellison would be better?
    I did think a nn of Belle Ellison, might b a bit tricky.. Although my name is Melanie & I get called Mel Ellison all the time & don't have any issues...

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    Definitely go with the name you and her father love. People come and go, and like others have said, once the name is associated with your daughter, I doubt they'll have a problem with it. Go with Rosabel!
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