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    73 52.14%
  • Inara Sage

    64 45.71%
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    I love Inara's meaning, but it doesn't sparkle like Indira. I pronounce it the same as you and it's such a beautiful name. It goes so well with Azula.
    I understand your concern about the high Indian population, but I don't think it should be enough to stop you, if you love the name. It's really not that common in other parts and you might not live there forever, neither will your daughter.

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    Indira is a bit spicy, dim cozy coffeeshops drinking chai tea with plenty of honey. There's something exotic and enchanting about her. Old books and spare piano music, but in the warmth of the fireplace. An almost equal mix of strength and sweetness.

    Inara I don't have the most positive imagery associations so I will keep them to myself as I don't want to poison the name for you at all!

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    I prefer Inara. I think it feels right in line with your other kiddo’s name. (It’s not like you have a Sarah and this feels like its out of the blue). I’d say go for it! (Personally I dislike Indira or India as a name - I think it has to do with too many “mean girl” tv associations lately).
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    Ottilie, Nightowl, Thunderbolt - Thanks so much for the imagery! I really appreciate it - it is helpful to actually understand how the names 'feel' to other people instead of just hearing 'I prefer ___" with no further input. I would love to hear some other people's impressions too.

    Also, I was not expecting this poll to be so neck-in-neck! How exciting!
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    I prefer Indira. I say it the same way you do. I'm no good at imagery (I wish I was!) but Indira feels more natural to me. She's got natural beauty, loves nature & animals, and is very calm/centered. Inara feels more fantasy-ish, like a video game character. Does that make any sense?
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