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    Exclamation Combinations Needed

    Hello Berries,

    I already have three combinations that I love, but I'm looking for a couple more to add on to my list. It took me a long time to just get the three combinations that I have so I thought I would ask the Berries for some help. I like two middle names and flow is very important.

    Could you guys make combinations with these names? I included pronunciations for some that have more than one and the ones people might not know.

    Updated List:

    First Names:
    Aleksander - ahl-ek-SAHN-der Jeremiah
    Julian -JOO-lee-ən
    Lucian - I like both LOO-shen or LOO-see-en
    Mikhail - mee-khah-EEL

    Middle Only:
    Balthazar BAL- tha- zar
    Giles - JIELZ
    Godfrey - GAHD-free
    Marcellus - mar-SELL-us
    Rhydian - RID-ee-an

    Middle or First:
    Basil - BAZ-əl, I also like BAY-zil.
    Felipe - fe-LEE-pe

    Any new suggestions are welcome.
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    I'll give it a go... Lots of lovely names to work with.

    Alaric Jude Leonidas
    Alaric Loki Marcellus
    Alaric Rhydian James
    Alaric Roland Nikolai
    Alaric Sebastian Rhys

    Aleksander Basil Rainier
    Aleksander Elijah Perseus
    Aleksander Gideon James
    Aleksander Loki Sebastian
    Aleksander Sebastian Rhys

    Castiel David Marcellus
    Castiel Julian Laurence
    Castiel Peregrine Rhys
    Castiel Rhys Leonidas
    Castiel Serafin David

    Conrad James Aleksander
    Conrad Leopold Michael
    Conrad Phineas Jude
    Conrad Rhys Leonidas
    Conrad Sebastian Peter

    Elijah James Aleksander
    Elijah Perseus Rainer
    Elijah Peter Rainier
    Elijah Phineas Rainier
    Elijah Sebastian Thomas

    Henry Alasdair James
    Henry Basil Sebastian
    Henry Peregrine Rhys
    Henry Perseus Aleksander
    Henry Sebastian Jude

    James Alaric Rhydian
    James Balthazar Leon
    James Basil Flynn
    James Loki Peregrine
    James Peregrine Flynn

    Leon Apollo Sebastian
    Leon Perseus Philippe
    Leon Phineas Rhys
    Leon Remiel Sebastian
    Leon Taliesin Peregrine

    Leonidas Alaric Rhys
    Leonidas Henrik Rhys
    Leonidas Peter Julius
    Leonidas Rainer Julian
    Leonidas Roland James

    Leopold Basil Apollo
    Leopold Castiel Rhys
    Leopold Julius Flynn
    Leopold Phineas Loki
    Leopold Phineas Remus

    Malcolm Leon Perseus
    Malcolm Leopold James
    Malcolm Peregrine Philippe
    Malcolm Rhys Pascal
    Malcolm Rhys Rainier

    Marcellus Jethro Aleksander
    Marcellus Julian Thomas
    Marcellus Leon Pascal
    Marcellus Leopold James
    Marcellus Roland Peregrine

    Mikhail Alaric James
    Mikhail Perseus Jude
    Mikhail Phineas Rhys
    Mikhail Remiel Sebastian
    Mikhail Truman Sebastian

    Perseus Henry Sebastian
    Perseus Lucian Rhys
    Perseus Peregrine Rhys
    Perseus Rhys Aleksander
    Perseus Roland Aleksander

    Rhys Alaric Henry
    Rhys Alasdair Henry
    Rhys Henry Sebastian
    Rhys Leonidas Castiel
    Rhys Rainier Aleksander

    Roland Castiel Aleksander
    Roland James Peregrine
    Roland Leonidas Henry
    Roland Leonidas Jude
    Roland Sebastian Emmett

    Sebastian Leopold Henry
    Sebastian Peregrine Rhys
    Sebastian Perseus Philippe
    Sebastian Phineas Henry
    Sebastian Rhys Alasdair

    Thomas Alaric Julian
    Thomas Henry Rainier
    Thomas Jeremiah Henry
    Thomas Marcellus Jude
    Thomas Peregrine Rhys

    Truman Elijah Aleksander
    Truman Leonidas James
    Truman Michael Aleksander
    Truman Rhys Aleksander
    Truman Walter Phineas
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    I love that you put James and Alaric together because they are both a part of my number one combination, I;ve been thinking of putting Alaric up front recently. If I doend up doing it James would be the middle name I pair with it.

    Thank you!


    So many combinations! Thank you!

    I love Alaric Sebastian Rhys. Sebastian is one of my favorite names that I couldn't see myself using as a first name. I love it as a middle name and with Rhys.

    I really liked Alaric Roland, but it sound familiar to me then I remembered rickrolling. I still love it though.

    I adore the combination of Sebastian and Rhys. It a great combination.

    Henry Perseus is such an unexpected combination. I really love both names and like them together.

    I like James Balthazar Leon especially the James Balthazar part.

    I'll come back in a bit to comment on the rest of my favorite combinations.

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