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    Cristina; thanks, I love those too. There's something very sweet about Bellatrix Liberty Iris.

    Kady; yeah, Moriko was actually on our list as a first name for Dita at some point. It's like a river of cuteness. You're right on about Sylvestra, she's a very deep dark gothic fairy tale forest, just like The Black Forest.

    Rue; thank you!

    Tristan; I do like Eve, but not nearly as much as I love Eva. Eva's so powerful and haunting. Eve's sweet and shiny, but it hasn't got the depth and beauty of Eva. Besides Eve would be terrible at the end as it would run into the surname... Your suggestions are lovely, I really like Bellatrix Viola Eve but I would use Eva instead; Bellatrix Viola Eva.

    Sarah T; Bellatrix Elbereth Noor is gorgeous! It's absolutely beautiful. And Bellatrix Eva Liberty! Liberty's such a lovely name, it's been on our list since our first attempt with Roo, it's got lots of meaning for us. I also love Bellatrix Amoret Aurora, Bellatrix Iris Liberty and Bellatrix Wishmay Victoria. Thanks so much!

    Sarah M; Bellatrix Victoria Elbereth! Gorgeous.

    Kady again; whoa, lots of combos! Love it. These are my favourites:
    Bellatrix Amoret Victoria
    Bellatrix Arden Zosteria
    Bellatrix Luthien Victoria
    Bellatrix Luthien Amoret
    Bellatrix Wishmay Tinuviel - this is gorgeous, but Tinuviel's destined for Circe... or the other way around. Circe Tinuviel/Tinuviel Circe.
    Bellatrix Wishmay Eve - Eva
    Bellatrix Moriko Wishmay
    Bellatrix Eva Luthien
    Bellatrix Zosteria Wishmay
    Bellatrix Noor Wishmay
    Bellatrix Viola Wishmay
    Bellatrix Daphne Soraya
    Bellatrix Artemis Noor
    Bellatrix Elbereth Noor
    Bellatrix Liberty Noor
    Bellatrix Soraya Noor - I love this, but I know Husband will say no to a combo with one Persian and one Arabic name in it...

    Ok, almost all of them. I need to keep an open mind as Husband has a tendency to not like much... Thanks for all the lovely combos!

    I'm going to show the names I like to Husband and see what he thinks and I will update it later.
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    So we've made some progress.

    The middle names we've narrowed it down to are these:
    Artemis - the Greek Goddess of the hunt.
    Atalanta - Greek heroine and companion of Artemis.
    Daphne - the nymph, Daphne du Maurier, a beautiful song by Lia Ices. And Daphne from Frasier.
    Elbereth - Sindarin name for Varda Elentari, one of the Valar, the star queen in Tolkien's universe.
    Emma - the Jane Austen heroine, Emma Hamilton, Emma Bovary and an album by Bon Iver.
    Eva - the woman in the Bible who talked with a snake and ate the apple. Eva Hesse, a sculptor Husband admires.
    Evenstar - sobriquet of Arwen Undómiel, Husband calls me Evenstar when he's being romantic so weird or sweet?
    Iris - Goddess of the rainbow, and Iris Murdoch who's one of Husband's (and mine) favourite writers. And the flower.
    Laetitia - Roman Goddess of happiness. Also Laetitia Casta, what I imagine Aphrodite would look like if she wandered here again.
    Liberty - Roman Goddess of liberty. One of my favourite songs, Liberty by Keren Ann.
    Victoria - Roman Goddess of victory. Would be an elaborate way to honour my favourite musician Tori Amos.
    Viola - From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. She's one of the best characters he ever wrote, and would be a sweet tie to sister's Illyria.
    Wishmay - old English name meaning Valkyrie Maiden.

    The combos that remain:
    Bellatrix Atalanta Elbereth
    Bellatrix Daphne Elbereth
    Bellatrix Daphne Wishmay
    Bellatrix Elbereth Wishmay
    Bellatrix Emma Artemis
    Bellatrix Eva Elbereth
    Bellatrix Iris Evenstar
    Bellatrix Iris Liberty
    Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay
    Bellatrix Liberty Evenstar
    Bellatrix Victoria Wishmay
    Bellatrix Viola Elbereth
    Bellatrix Viola Wishmay
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I think the Evenstar- ting is so sweet! It just made me love it more! I bet you have tried on nearly all the combos possible by now, but I'll try to make a few that you haven't listed. Ps. I really like Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay and Bellatrix Liberty Evenstar! Swoon..

    Bellatrix Atalanta Daphne
    Bellatrix Atalanta Evenstar
    Bellatrix Liberty Viola
    Bellatrix Liberty Eva
    Bellatrix Liberty Artemis
    Bellatrix Laetitia Evenstar

    Hmm, it's difficult- I feel like every combo has been made. I just have to say that my favorites with Trix are Atalanta, Evenstar, Liberty and Wishmay. So my favorites would be one including thosec - like Bellatrix Liberty Evenstar, like I mentioned before. That one pierced my heart!

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    Bellatrix and Eva seem perfect for each other - Bellatrix Eva Laetitia would be my favourite, although the repeated 'a' endings may not seem good to you. Bellatrix Eva Wishmay? From the ones you have already made, Bellatrix Victoria Wishmay is just gorgeous. Good luck - I hope the perfect combination suddenly makes itself known soon!

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    Great list as always. Here's my top 5:

    Bellatrix Laetitia Wishmay - both Bellatrix and Laetitia are my favourite names, so I'm definitely biased here.
    Bellatrix Viola Wishmay - I LOVE Viola. This is a perfect combo. Light, shiny, airy, strong, musical, sweet..
    Bellatrix Elbereth Wishmay - I really hope you end up using either Elbereth or Wishmay as her middle, but using both of them sounds like a good idea too.
    Bellatrix Eva Elbereth
    Bellatrix Iris Evenstar - Sweet, I think.
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