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    Surname/Boys names on girls - I feel like people who do this are terribly misguided. Wether there goal is to be "different" or for their daughter to be a "tomboy" there are better ways of finding a name that is unique/tomboyish without taking male names and surnames and sticking them on little girls. What happened to pretty names on girls? There is nothing pretty about the name Peyton or Riley. I don't understand what made people think they'd be good names for a little girl.
    Why do little girls have to be pretty??? Women and girls can be strong, intelligent, witty, smart, clever, fierce or anything shouldn't names for girls reflect that? it seems like your views are misguided to me..the idea that a girl's value lies in her 'prettiness' and that a 'feminine' name directly relates to this?

    I personally don't understand names with extra letters that aren't needed. I have met a 'Jazzmynn'....which just makes so sense to me!
    One Day: Sullivan Webster and Hazel Hilary

    "And so with all things: names were vital and important." ~ Algernon H. Blackwood

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