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    Main character names

    The story's about a girl who loses her boyfriend to suicide. Her life starts falling apart. Eventually, she'll meet a new guy. Last name is Blaire. Siblings names are Kat(short for Katherine), Gina(short for Regina), and Eli(short for Elliott). Siblings names aren't set in stone, so you can suggest some ideas. Thanks!

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    You didn't give us many details about her personality/appearance, so here are some names that fit in with siblings:

    Madelyn nn Maddy
    Alexandra nn Alex, Lexi
    Tabitha nn Tabby/Abby
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Thanks bibliophile! I like Lexi. It's sweet, but can be spunky, too.
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    First off I'm in love with the name Elliot. So I'd keep that name .

    Secondly, you gave us very little information on the main character. I don't have any sort of appearance idea in my head, nor do I have any idea about her personality. Even though I'm lacking detail of this character I can suggest some names.

    Regina(Gina), Elliot(Eli), Katherine(Kat)

    Arabelle, can go by Belle
    Bailee, Lee
    Coraline, Cora
    Delilah, Lilah
    Emmeline, Emmie/Em
    Giselle, Elle
    Hailee, Lee
    Isabella, Bella
    Juliet, Julie
    Kelsey, Kel/Sea
    Lucille, Lucy
    Maybelle, May/Belle
    Natalie, Nat
    Olivia, Olive/Liv/Livia/Livi
    Samantha, Sam

    I could probably list more names then that. It seemed like you went for more nicknames then actually using given names, so that's what I went for. Hopefully one of these names strikes your fancy.

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