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    Careers - Do you ever not feel lost?

    Hey Berries,

    I wanted to talk to some of you older women (because I am only nineteen.) Since I was twelve I knew I was going to teach, so I always knew I was going to go to uni, and eventual go on to teach at Middle/High School level. I've always been a passionate person, I love writing, tourism, history, travel, children and social issues/services. I am currently doing a general degree Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Creative Communication) and once I've finished this I'll go on to complete my Master's of Education degree. For a long time I've struggled to figure out what I am actually supposed to be doing. I mean, I love teaching, and I want to do it; but I kind of have so many I feel overwhelmed. So I constantly worry about what I should be doing. For three years I've felt stuck. Stuck because I truly can't tell where my heart lies, I guess its good because I have been doing a general degree, so then I have a bit of freedom. The other issue is I am not working right now and I haven't had a real job before, the truth is I am incredibly terrified of trying to go through the process, maybe is because its new to me or maybe its because I'm afraid of going into retail. The reason for this is I think I am borderline at being mathematically dyslexic, ever since I was small I struggled with maths, but none of my teachers helped even when I reached out to them. One teacher just flat out told my mum I was going to fail year four. Its so bad that based on my mathematical comprehension, I shouldn't have finished school, that's the truth. So if I went into a job in fast food or retail I know I would struggle and embarrass myself... because I have done work experience in one.
    P.S When I say teach I mean Drama, English and History.

    Please don't be critical, I just needed some advice from some motherly figures, I am so confused at the moment... Thanks
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    One option might be to try to get a job at a your uni library or public library. At least where I'm from in the States, libraries often hire part-time employees for checking-in materials and shelving. Also, most public libraries here have children or teen programs. If you could get involved doing something like that, that would be some nice experience to have on your resume when you're applying for teaching positions later.

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    You sound very intelligent and like you have a lot of wonderful things going for you, and I applaud you for being so thoughtful about your life and direction. I think the best thing is to put yourself out there and try things and then deal with what happens, rather than trying to anticipate all the eventualities from the outside. If you focus on developing more inner confidence in your OVERALL abilities -- find ways to stay calm under pressure, to speak up without being angry or aggressive, to take risks without putting yourself in danger, those life skills can stand you in good stead no matter what you do.

    There are so many jobs in the world that you can't even imagine from the world of school, that take all kinds of skills beyond what you learn in books. Being able to speak and write well is so huge, and you can already do that really beautifully! Being sensitive, thoughtful, mature -- those are more difficult qualities to learn than math and much more useful ones in the world.

    There are so many job opportunities working with children and with words. Volunteering may be a good way to go as it may ease some of the performance pressure and give you a good way to get your feet wet.

    Good luck. I have confidence you will succeed and wish you all the best in developing that inner confidence for yourself!
    Pam Satran

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    I think the best thing is to put yourself out there and try things and then deal with what happens, rather than trying to anticipate all the eventualities from the outside.

    What wonderful advice! I think I myself should put this up somewhere where I'll see it every day
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    As Pam said, it's so easy to plan for how we want our lives to go, but you get thrown curve balls which no one can expect... I was going to be a teacher as well and did 2 years of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on English & Media. I really struggled with maths as well so sounds like we're quite similar in terms of our strengths & weaknesses academically. I worked my way through school though, so i was studying full time & working about 20 hours a week at the age of 19 and I started doubting a lot of things, including my chosen career. I decided to take 12 months off school to re-evaluate what I wanted to do and started working retail full time (FYI - don't worry about your maths ability, it's all computerised so you don't have to physically work anything out yourself so it doesn't matter!).

    Through a random series of events i've ended up falling into a very very different career path than anything i could have predicted at the age of 19 when i took that 12 months away from school. For the record, i'm now 29, i've never ended up going back to school though i'm still open to the idea, i work in insurance managing key accounts, I make more money than i ever would have as a teacher, and i genuinely LOVE my job.

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