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    Initial thought: 'Like Bone Marrow??!'

    Yeah, I know it's an O not an A, but it's way too close. Ick.

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    I like it, but I see the issues that others have mentioned.

    I used to really love the name Morgan/Morgana, in part because of its resemblance to the German word Morgen, meaning both morning and tomorrow. Seemed like such a lovely thing to name a child. Morrow has the same root as Morgen, so Morgan/Morgana could be a nice tribute. Admittedly they have a different feel, but they also have a literary pedigree of their own (and the actual origin is Welsh, which comes with its own lovely meaning).
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    Quote Originally Posted by tristan View Post
    Like tomorrow with the "to" cut off and very close to marrow. I'm not a fan.

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    I saw your post yesterday and decided to sleep on it so I could ponder the name a bit more overnight. My initial thought was of American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow (his surname is similar to Morrow). Then I thought of the word "tomorrow" because morrow is an archaic term for "the next day". I'm not usually a fan of surnames on girls if they have no family significance. However, you seem to have a special connection to the writing of Anne Morrow Lindbergh so the name does hold some meaning for you. Morrow sounds soft and feminine with a strangely optimistic vibe (eg. looking into the future to a bright new day, live each day to the fullest, your glass is always half full etc...). Surprisingly, I'm going to endorse it for you. If Morrow flows well with your surname, then go for it! Morrow Elizabeth is quite a fine combo. You see, I often surprise myself! I guess sleeping on it brought a whole new perspective
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