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    Here's how I'd order them and my comments:

    Dagny -- He loves this one and you like it. I think it goes well with everyone else. It's sweet and short, like Ev3 but has that old world feel like the boys.
    Dulcinea, possibly with nn Daisy -- I like this one a lot too. I love it for the musical connection for your husband and because you like Daisy and it works. Daisy is great with Ev3 and again, it's got that nice, old world feel like the boys but it's super sweet
    Iverine -- This my own personal favorite, but it's not my favorite when I consider the meaning of the other 2. This one has great meaning for you too, so I'd push for it. Ivy/Iva and Ev3 are sweet and so fun together and it's longer and more serious in it's full form for the boys.
    Quenilda -- I like this one, but not really with Ev3. It's very strict sounding and hard next to all the other kids to me.
    Svala -- This one is just sort of an awkward sound to me. I'd like Vala on it's own actually.
    Magnolia -- I just flat don't like this one and that's a me thing. Besides that, I think it's very mismatched with the boys

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    First of all, gorgeous song!! Secondly, gorgeous names!! My fav's are Dulcinea, Iverine, Quenilda (swoon) and Isolde.
    Instead of Ingaret, has anyone mentioned Anchoret? And what about Isolda or Isola or Isolina? (please vote!)

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    I agree about Isolde looking off, it looks like "is old" to me and Isolda looks like "is older"
    I'm pretty picky about how a name looks.
    How do you pn Dagny? It has the word "Dag" in it and looks like "Daggy" so I can't get past that!
    Iverine just looks like Wolverine IMO. Sorry if I'm being so negative!

    My fave is probably Dulcinea and I love the nn Daisy I also think Magnolia is adorable!
    I also like the suggestions of Isla, Esme.

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    Well, I think Dagny and Dulcinea are both gorgeous. I love both of them with your other children, and I can imagine a new little Sarah baby with each of these names. I'm actually falling pretty hard for Dulcinea myself over here...
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