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    New list for Maple's sister - UPDATE Pg 3

    My husband and I have managed to come up with some names for Maple's sister. They are not the ones I really love, but at least I like them.

    Penelope - big family name on my side, my husbands loves it. I find it a little clunky and all that pretty/feminine, but it's fun and has a ton of nicknames. Would probably go outside the box use Nella, Ella, Ellie, or Poppy if we go the NN route.

    Hazel - I do love this name, but does it sound too similar to Maple being 5 letters, 2 syllables, and ending with an L?

    Lucy - Had a dog named this and know of 100 dogs with this name. I love dogs so that's not a problem, except that I am almost tired of hearing it. But it's fun and classic at the same time and flows well with Maple I think.

    Jasmine - We both like it, but MIL says it's more suited to a dark haired sultry exotic girl than the blonde, chubby cheek kids I have. I had never thought of that, but like Hazel could be strange for a dark haired girl, is Jasmine strange for a light haired one?

    Chloe- this name has totally grown on me the last week, but it's been #1 in England where my husband is from. I don't actually hear it much in the US, but that could be because my daughter is not yet in preschool or anything. Is it super common? More common than Lucy?

    Frances - middle name of husband's father. Too boring/old lady? I don't know why I think that when I like Hazel so much. Somehow Hazel reminds me of hazelnut lattes and pretty colored eyes while Frances makes me think of a senior's bridge club. But maybe I am wrong and can try to change my association!

    Sage - too masculine? I like it, but it's not the prettiest sound....any thoughts? I did grow up in a state with a lot of sagebrush and have some other nostalgic things associated with it.

    Molly - husband just picked this out of a book last night and I do like it. But Molly and Maple...too much M?

    Open to new suggestions, but these have been veteod by husband: Wren (on the fence),Cecily, Flora, Florence, Daphne, Iris, Felicity, Ivy and Clover.
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    Hazel and Maple are kind of thematic, both being trees and similar sounding. i love Penelope and Sage.

    instead of Wren, maybe Lark?

    other possible substitutions:

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    Clover is so pretty
    How about Autumn

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    I think Poppy and Maple are an amazing sibset, and Penelope being a family name makes it even better! Definitely would be my first pick.

    What about Holly? If you like Molly but aren't sure of the alliteration.

    Oh and just thought of Wendy and Lyric
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    I love the shortlist. Some other possibilities:
    Calandra (Italian for 'skylark')
    Loredana ( invented for an Italian literary work)
    Cinzia (Italian version of Cynthia)
    Ambra (Italian version of Amber)
    Jacinthe, Jacinta (French and Spanish versions of Hyacinth)
    Florentina (on a real Italian kick today)

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