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    Does this sound funny?

    Okay, I need your advice. We are loving Anna and Maya as our final choices for our little girl. We had been hoping to use Claire as a middle name for family reasons. It was brought to our attention that Anna Claire and Maya Claire might sound like "an eclair" or "my eclair" and now I am so confused! And kind of sad. What do you think? Would you use something different for that reason? Thanks!

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    Nope. Eclairs are marvelous things, and family names trump most things in my book.

    I think you could always add in another middle if you're worried about it, something like Anna Violet Claire or Maya Elena Claire.

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    I would totally use either of those name combos. I wouldn't have thought that had you not mentioned it. Both are pretty name combos.
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    I think Anna Claire sounds lovely. I love Anna, as it's my nieces name. It's classic and sweet. Don't worry too much about the eclair thread. I don't think many people would've thought of that if it wasn't mentioned. Good luck!

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