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    Good compromise?

    My favorite girl name is Ella, but my DH doesn't like it as a stand-alone name, I'm heartbroken :*( He wants a longer name to give her more options, like Annabella or Anabella, nn Ella. I think I'm leaning towards Anabella "On-ah-bella" b/c I'm afraid if we go with Annabella people will call her Anna instead of Ella. Do you think if I use Annabella people will shorten it to Anna? Bella is out for a nn as that's my sister Isabella's nn. Also, I'm open to other fn suggestions for nn Ella. Thanks in advance!!!
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    I think Ella is a beautiful name and works quite well as a full name.

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    I don't think that spelling Anabella with one n would make the chances of her being called "Anna" smaller.

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    Marcella is the first name that comes to mind
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