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    Louisa nicknamed Louise?

    My husband and I love the name Louisa but lately I've been drawn more to edgier Louise. Would it be weird/not at all intuitive to name her Louisa and call her (mostly) Louise? I also think Louisa is easier to find good middle name flow (my favorite is Louisa Frances). WDYT?

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    Louise feels like a full name to me, rather than a nickname for anything. Using it as a nickname for Louisa isn't intuitive to me.

    Some middle name suggestions for Louise:

    Louise Caroline
    Louise Helena
    Louise Juniper
    Louise Matilda
    Louise Winifred

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    I think if you were asking for Lisa or Lou as nn's for Louisa that would make more sense to me.
    But Louise and Louisa are so virtually the same name that using one as a nn of the other feels a bit odd.

    Oddly I find the -a ending in Louisa spunkier than the softer -e of Louise. I'd stick with Louisa.

    MN suggestions:
    Louisa Josephine
    Louisa Cosette
    Louisa Wren
    Louise Henrietta
    Louise Francesca
    Louise Wisteria
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    I agree with flyingcube, it seems more like a full name and I think many people would think Louise is her full name, not a nn.

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    As a Louisa, I feel quite strongly about the fact that they're two separate names. To me, they are two completely different people and, to be honest, if you're going to call your kid Louise, you may as well just do that. It'll get confusing otherwise.

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