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    It's a horrible word and would make an equally horrible name.

    I never understood why Americans as a whole don't usually know how horrible it is. You never saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Yeesh if they're that vilified in a Disney movie you can only imagine how bad it is in reality.

    And about the term "gypped," I despise that word. My grandfather always used to call this other old man a "gyp" because he cheated him out of money when they were younger. He never knew where the word came from, just that it meant "a cheat or a swindler." So I looked it up one day and found out that it was ANOTHER derogatory name people used for gypsies (or an insult thrown at people who were NOT gypsies) because they were all seen as cheaters and liars who would steal everything you had.

    (and don't watch that atrocious television show about Roma girls. ugh those people do nothing but perpetuate the stereotypes with their disgusting behavior)

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    I really don't have much to add to what has been send, I just want to echo it, in that YES the name is offensive.
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    Gypsies were sterilised by force until the 70's I believe, so this is modern history. When I was little one of my best friends were Romani and she was discriminated against all the time, I was the only one in class who was allowed to play with her.

    I understand that the word can sound cute and hippyish (due to many songs and the likes), but it's a sad sad story. It should not be used as a name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemyboy View Post
    I don't know much about the "gypsy" culture. I know there are several cultural names that when people not of that culture use people can take offense to it (like Cohen for example).

    If a child was named "gypsy" (from america or wherever that culture does not exist) and traveled to europe, would it be considered offensive?

    Just curious as to someone in the knows answer. Thanks!
    To be honest it is offensive and racist.

    Even though in UK it seems the gypsy community are referred to quiet openly as gypsies (Channel 4 have done lots of documentaries on the traveller community mainly My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) the correct word is traveller. As the word gypsy tends to conjure up negative connotations and the word is used in a negatively. Unfortunately in the UK and the rest of Europe travellers face a lot of discrimination, are deemed untrustworthy, and law-breakers. Some of the traveller population does unfortunately live up to this reputation but still the whole community be tarred with the same brush is unfair and we need to try and stop this discrimination. If you name your daughter Gypsy you may be unfortunately (rather horribly) tarring her with the same brush as the community along with this offending the actual community by naming your daughter a slur which is used against them.

    Furthermore your child would probably be deemed as uneducated and trashy because of her parents naming her something so horrible.

    Names that have a similar style to Gypsy (that free hippy sound it's supposedly has but isn't a racial slur)


    Other G names:

    : )
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    Oh my goodness! I'm glad I came across this thread!! I had no idea that Gypsy was a derogatory slang term! Total culture shock moment I grew up idealizing Gypsies because the perception in US pop culture is that they are free spirits, bohemians, a nomadic culture with a strong history of magick, some of it dark, but all of it mysterious and bewitching. Like if you took voodoo, tribal bellydance, tarot cards, and traveling carnivals/theatre troupes and mixed them all together. That may sound terribly ignorant, but it is honestly the way the culture is portrayed.

    I know they've come under persecution in the past when they were considered shiftless and associated with thievery, but I had no idea that the persecution was still ongoing, and had no CLUE that the name itself is derogatory! I even have a friend named Gypsie...wheeled houses are called Gypsy houses, flowy bohemian skirts are called Gypsy skirts…I never once made the connection to the term "gypped," it was just something people say to mean "ripped off." Wow, that makes me cringe. Talk about a paradigm shift!

    From all the reading I do (fantasy, not actual research, so bear with me!), I have come to assume that Romani is a race/bloodline thing and Traveler is a culture thing (and I used to think that Gypsy was just the umbrella term for both), but if those understandings are incorrect, someone please set me straight!
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