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    Poet, Sonnet and Story would make quirky middle name choices but I don't like them as first names for these reasons.

    1) What if Poet doesn't like to write, what if Sonnet hates Shakespeare and what if Story is so hyperactive that she can't keep still long enough to read a book?

    2) Poet- I just want to add "ry" at the end of it; Sonnet - I just want to recite love poems; Story - I just think of tall buildings with many stories (floors)

    3) If you named your daughter one of these names, what would you name any future children? Other words?

    I think Sonnet is most usable. It just "feels" more like a name than Poet and Story which are more wordy.

    Other Suggestions

    Solace - one of my favourite word names ever. I love the meaning, the look and the sound!
    Clarity - in this world of constant change, this quality would be great to have in abundance.
    Tempest - it would be like tempting fate (would she be so fiery that she explodes in anger?), but I love this name.
    Harmony - in this time of political chaos, a little of this quality would go a long way!
    Halo - there's something about the sound of this name that gives off a peaceful vibe!
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    I love those names! Story is most likely what my daughter will be named. Her big sister is Ever. What I have found from having a word name child is that people are a bit more hesitant when you are talking about using a name. but meeting a cute little child with a name is completely different. When people meet my daughter, 9 times out of 10 they lover her name in part because they can relate it to this cute little girl.

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    Love not lover

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    I would like to answer the question about what would you name other children. I think many -wordy- names work very well with other names. A family with children named Isabel, Story, and Declan sound very nice. All the names are different yet I feel work great together. I also feel that most families name children what they love and many times their children's names do not match well.

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    I adore all three but only as middle names! I just can't picture an angsty teenager going through a rebellious stage named Poet, and that's enough reason for me to nix it as a first name. Story is my personal favourite, though.

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