View Poll Results: Which name do you like best? Sisters Lila, Nora, and --?

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  • Mirabel

    28 13.40%
  • Mabel

    41 19.62%
  • Camilla

    27 12.92%
  • Beatrice

    15 7.18%
  • Corinne

    20 9.57%
  • Claire

    78 37.32%
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    I like all of your choices except Mabel. I chose Mirabel, which is classic and gorgeous! Corinne is beautiful, too.

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    I appreciate all the votes and input! Baby girl arrived 3:57 pm today, 6lb 15 oz! She is still nameless...we can't decide. I love Mirabel but am worried it doesn't fit with some of you said, it seems a bit too frilly compared to Lila and Nora. Camilla has cultural significance but dh isn't in love with it. Mabel I think is sweet and I love nn maisie (dh won't use as given name). We also like Claire but worry it's too common compared to sisters... We have a few days to decide so please keep the great insight coming! It helps to clarify things. We really
    Appreciate it!

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    Congratulations on your healthy baby girl! How about Clara?
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    Claire, definitely! It's such a fantastic name. I think it matches stylistically and popularity-wise. It might be more popular than Nora and Lila, but the cognate names Eleanor and Lily, for example, are pretty popular. Besides that, I think Nora, Lila, and Claire all hit that sweet spot of being recognizable without being everywhere (perfect, in my opinion).

    Whatever you decide, congratulations on a new baby girl!!
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    Congratulations!! I think about Camilla and Claire both go beautifully with Lila and Nora! Another option that would fit nicely is Susannah (related to the Persian Sussan/Soussan).

    Lila, Nora and Camilla
    Lila, Nora and Claire
    Lila, Nora and Susannah

    They're all lovely - you can't go wrong!

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