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    Quick vote on middle names?

    So I am once again changing up my lists. I think I have my girls names down, however, I need a little help deciding for my boys list. If you all could just give me your favorite off of each list, I would so appreciate it! (Sorry if this gets long!)

    Bailey Holden
    Bailey Quinlan
    Bailey Rhett
    Bailey Auden
    Bailey August

    Charlie Auden
    Charlie August
    Charlie Ellis
    Charlie Penn
    Charlie Truitt
    Charlie Andrew

    Declan Ryder
    Declan Gray
    Declan August
    Declan Avery
    Declan Cyrus
    Declan Gray
    Declan Jude (I think I'll go with this one, but I want to see how well it tests, haha)

    Emerson Levi
    Emerson Ryder
    Emerson Penn
    Emerson Gray

    Julian Dashiell
    Julian Curtis
    Julian Cole
    Julian Penn
    Julian Ryder
    Julian Dempsey
    Julian Avery
    Julian August

    Milo Beckett
    Milo Gage
    Milo Grayson
    Milo Holden
    Milo Quinlan
    Milo Ronan
    Milo Vincent

    William Dashiell
    William August
    William Cyrus
    William Ellis
    William Gray/Grayson (can't decide here.)
    William Holden
    William Levi
    William Truitt

    As of right now, the list already includes Aiden Luca, Brady Everett, Brooks Ciaran, Rhys Bennett, & Soren Vincent. (I know, a little long now!)
    Coming soon -- unsurprisingly.

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    Bailey August
    Charlie Andrew or Charlie Ellis (if your last name can handle it)
    Declan Ryder (but Declan Jude is nice, too)
    Emerson Levi
    Julian August/Julian Avery
    Milo Vincent if it's "Me-Lo"
    Milo Gage if it's "My-Lo"
    William August or William Ellis

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    Bailey Rhett
    Charlie Truitt
    Declan Jude - my favourite name of the entire bunch!
    Emerson Levi (I would use a clearly masculine mn with this one as Emerson is being used for girls now )
    Julian August
    Milo Vincent
    William Levi

    twenty-two | law student

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    Declan Jude is perfect.... I would go with that

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