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Thread: Bookworm BNG

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    ME: Adele Ruth Whitewater
    HIM: Timothy Saul Whitewater

    You and your husband attended the same college and met in your English class. To your surprise, you both were obsessed with the same book! Similar taste in literature is the foundation upon which you build your relationship, and you marry right out of college. You've got your dream job. He’s got his. Everything is going swell. A year into the marriage, you discover that you're pregnant!

    Unable to stand the anticipation, you and Timothy decide you do indeed want to know the sex. It’s a girl, the doctor tells you. And now comes the great name battle. He’s got a grandmother whose name you despise but he loves. Your name list is “not his style” or whatever. It’s a nightmare. So, when the baby’s born, you decide to name her after something you both can agree rocks your socks off: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Her name is Jane Emilia.

    Wow, is she ever a handful. At least at first. Soon you fall into the routine of being Mommy, and two years later, you miss the baby days. You give your husband the puppy-dog eyes and start trying for a second child. Now you've got a son, and another name to figure out. Fear not, your hubby says, because he has an idea for the name that you’re going to love. His name is Peregrine Connor.

    Only one more kid, your husband says three years after your son is born. You agree that this will be your last. Again, the name thing pops up, but you think you have it down…until you discover you're going to have twins. Your husband tells you that’s cheating, but you shush him and five months later ask for the sexes. It’s one of each! Their names are Emma Bloom and Doc Golan.

    When the kiddies are twelve, ten, seven and seven, you are shocked to discover you have yet another bun in the oven. No, wait. Two! Again! Your kids are excited to have babies in the house, though hints of jealousy are already showing. Two beautiful babies are welcomed into the family nine months later. Again, your husband suggests the names, but this time it’s after the setting and author! Their names are Cairnholm England and Ransom Riggs.

    What a lovely family! The Christmas cards are going to be adorable!
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen ferris. lotus yvette. fauna margo. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor rusak. malcolm bruin. freddie walker.

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    Your name: Magnolia June Robinson.
    Your hubby’s name: Shea James Robinson.

    1. Katniss Peeta Robinson.
    2. Snow Odair Robinson.
    3. Gale Hawthorne Robinson.
    4. Alma Coin Robinson.
    5. Panem Robinson.
    6. Collins Robinson.

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    Me: Annie de Vil.
    Husband: Jackson de Vil.

    1. Hermione Ronnie de Vil.
    2. Thomas Finnigan de Vil.
    3. Harry Potter de Vil.
    4. Bellatrix Lestrange de Vil.
    5. London England de Vil.
    6. Jo Rowling de Vil.

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    Me: Caitlin Blunt.
    Husband: Sebastian Blunt.

    1. Isabella Eduarda Blunt.
    2. Cullen Hale Blunt.
    3. Jacob Black Blunt.
    4. Victoria Jane Blunt.
    5. LaPush America Blunt.
    6. Stephen Meyer Blunt.

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