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    Is it okay to name a girl Harper Leigh?

    Is it okay to name a baby girl Harper Leigh? Or would it be a bad name since it is close to Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird? I would everyone's opinion and if you think it's bad to name a kid that I want suggestions. Thanks everyone!!!!

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    I think it's lovely, but for myself, I'd want an original name for my child. I think it just gives more freedom to establish her own unique identity. Still, you can't go wrong with Harper Lee for a namesake.

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    My first thought was not Harper Lee the author. I think it's ok, especially if you spell it Leigh. And (I hate to say it) but by the time a baby born today will be at the age to read that book in school or something, the book may no longer be a staple like it has been over the years....
    It does have a nice ring to it too!

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    I don't see why not? I have Harper Lee this way for a combo but for a boy.
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    Well first of all To Kill a Mockingbird is for the most part universally beloved and respected. Most people would say it could hardly be a bad association.
    That being said Most people will assume you're a really big fan. The spelling change only affects how people react when seeing the name visually. When people hear the name, they'll think Harper Lee. It's kind of a change but not much.

    Finally neither Harper nor Lee/Leigh is my style. As a middle name, I think of Lee/Leigh as a filler middle name that's been used too much like the middle Marie. If TKAMB is not your favorite book, I would keep looking.
    Good Luck!

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