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    Talking Name quiz!

    SON #1

    FN - Favourite Jewel:

    Ruby: Abraham
    Sapphire: Elias
    Emerald: Samson
    Diamond: Moses
    Other: Isaiah

    MN - Decade of birth:

    Sixties: Hudson
    Seventies: Bay
    Eighties: River
    Nineties: Lake
    Other: Caspian


    FN - Favourite city:

    New York: Elizabeth
    London: Catherine
    Paris: Victoria
    Barcelona: Alexandra
    Other: Margaret

    MN - Favourite Season:

    Winter: Luna
    Autumn/fall: Astrid
    Summer: Calliope
    Spring: Nova
    More than one: Star

    SON #2

    FN - favourite school subject:

    English: Jude
    Maths: Sawyer
    Science: Atticus
    History: Harrison
    Other: Lyle

    MN - height:

    under 5ft: Lennon
    5ft - 5ft3: Jimi
    5ft4 - 5ft7: Elton
    5ft8 - 5ft11: Jovi
    6ft+: Presley


    FN - Country of origin:

    England: Florence
    USA: Savannah
    Australia: Paris
    Canada: Brooklyn
    Other: London

    MN - favourite ice cream flavour:

    Vanilla: Rose
    Mint: Lily
    Strawberry: Peonie
    Chocolate: Freesia
    Other: Juniper

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