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    Opinions on repeating long 'o' sound in first & surname?

    I'm a lifelong name fanatic and I've always been picky about first and last name pairings. Now I need some name nerd backup.

    I've been fixated on the name Josephine ever since discovering that my baby (due February) is a girl. A Nameberry favorite, and I've decided to overlook the fact it's rising in the charts. My question deals with the last name: Olson. (Common enough that I feel fine about sharing it.) Josephine Olson. Josephine Olson.

    I can't decide if the repeating long 'o' ties the names together, or if it makes it difficult to say.

    I have a speech therapist friend who informed me that technically the two 'o' sounds are slightly different--since the long 'o' in 'Olson' ends up quickly clipped by the 'l' sound. But I want opinions. Do you like how it sounds? Do the repeating vowel sounds bug you, or do you like the repetition? Do they make it harder for you to say--or easier?

    We'd most likely use the nickname Josie, but I'm looking for opinions on the full name (which I plan on using, too). Other name contenders are Margaret, Therese, Susannah.

    Thanks, all!

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    I think it sounds ok. Its easy for me to pronounce. Its also my favorite from the names you listed.
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    Josephine is lovely, and is not difficult to say with your last name. On the other hand, Josie is a little more difficult to say, not too bad, just a little harder
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    It is a little difficult to say, but not unbearably so.
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    How do you feel about Gloria Olson? Nova Olson? Or Rosa Olsa? That's what I feel towards Josephine. I like the fact that you chose a 3 syllable first name with your two syllable surname. Hopefully, your middle name is one syllable.
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