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    Cool Life Of A Pageant Mama! PART 1


    Your name is (your choice) and you are 27. You did pageants all your life and even won Miss America! You and your husband, (your choice) have a 3 year old daughter named... (roll the dice)

    1. First Name: Middle Name:
    2. First Name: Middle Name:
    3. First Name: Middle Name:
    4. First Name: Middle Name:
    5. First Name: Middle Name:
    6. Your choice of the above

    (DAUGHTER'S NAME) has been doing pageants since she was 2 months old. She mostly supremes and has a gorgeous complexion. Judges love her! You're working with (DAUGHTER) to get ready for the national pageant this weekend. The theme is If I Were A Fairy Princess. Your husband is very supportive of (DAUGHTER)'s pageant career and is helping you make all of the preparations.

    Your daughter's pageant coach (first name: middle name and last name are your choice) is working very hard with (DAUGHTER). The competition will be tough, and you're the defending ultimate grand supreme winners. You feel the heat.

    Finally, pageant day is here!! Here is how the beauty dress looks (roll dice):
    6. Your choice of the above

    (DAUGHTER) rocks beauty! She does all of the moves that (COACH) showed her, and all of the judges smiled. You are so proud of your pageant princess! Next comes Fairy Princess Wear. (DAUGHTER) is exhausted after beauty, so you're hoping that she musters up enough energy to do her routine for theme wear. Here is how the theme wear looks:
    6. Your choice of the above

    You have high hopes for (DAUGHTER) as she goes onstage. You know how much fun she has with this routine. Uh oh...(DAUGHTER) must be tired, because she bombed her Fairy Princess wear. All she did was stand on the stage and give a blank look to the judges. You feel like she just gave up her supreme title.

    Crowning finally comes. They call up the 2-3 year olds, so you take (DAUGHTER) on stage. Princess...not your daughter! Phew. At least she didn't get princess, the lowest title. Glitz Queen...(DAUGHTER). You are pissed. You worked harder than Glitz Queen. At least (DAUGHTER) is happy. You decide no matter what, you'll keep doing pageants.

    After the pageant, you start feeling queasy. You think it's just because of all of the nerves. You then find're pregnant again!

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