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    Looking for input on TwinsX2 set

    Woo! I just got home from finding out the genders of our second set of twins. 1 boy and 1 girl (Ah, yay I finally get my dream of naming a boy, woop wool!)
    So this is about the time that I get to be really serious about name choices, and I've got a few ideas. We already have 3 girlies: Fleur Amelie, and twinsX1 Mila Esme and Sybil Ffion.
    For twinsX2, the names we've been considering for the boy are:
    Sawyer Thames- not James, Thames is honoring someone. Although I question the similarity of Sybil and Sawyer.
    Jonah Jude- I don't usually like alliteration in names, but this is the exception because I LOVE Jude and hubby really likes Jonah. I also really like Jonah with the girls' names.
    August Henri- I don't want him to end up with the nickname Gus in school, which is the only problem this name possesses
    As for our 4th girly, I really like:
    Poppy Beatrice- tied with Beau for top contender at the moment. I really like how happy it sounds. Fleur, Mila, Sybil, and Poppy sounds nice too.
    Beau Eliza- yes, I know Beau means handsome in French, but I just think it sounds really quirky and cute and not overly girly which will be nice with Sybil. As for Beau sounding really similar to Zo, my full first name is Zoya and that's what people call me, so it won't sound like a mommy and me set or like I named her after myself or something...
    Theodora Pearl- I really like the nickname Theo, although Theodora is really long especially with the other girls.

    Together we like Poppy and Jonah and Sawyer and Beau.

    This is just the start of our list, and we've got some time. So I'm wondering what you guy's opinions are on the list so far and also if you have any ideas we could add?
    Thanks in advance!
    ~The name's Zoya, but you can call me Zo
    My kiddos: Fleur Amelie (age 4), Mila Esme and Sybil Ffion (twinnies, 10 months), and expecting boy/girl twins!
    Favorites for Le Bugaboos:
    Sawyer Thames, Jonah Jude, August Henri, Poppy Beatrice, Beau Eliza, Theodora Pearl "Theo"
    Currently crushing on: Diana as a middle name

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