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    Elizabeth vs Isabella & nicknames

    My husband and I are trying to choose a name for our daughter. We both love both the names...although I am leaning toward Elizabeth and he leans toward Isabella. What I love about Elizabeth is that it's so classic and timeless. It can sound Victorian or very modern's biblical and literary. I also love Isabella. It is also classic, romantic, Victorian and has so much history behind! Just a beautiful name..really both are and that's our problem! Hubby likes Isabella nn Izzy. I like Elizabeth but I don't need a nickname. He would want the nn Lizzy. I would like to know what your opinions are between the two. Yes, I know that Isabella is very popular....putting aside, I'm asking just about the name itself, not it's "trendiness". Also, I am not a huge fan of the nicknames Izzy or you have any suggestions? For Elizabeth I like Beth, Bethy, Ella, Liza, Lilly and Birdie...Isabella is harder. Bells/Bella is ok but Izzy seems more natural. I like Ella as a nn, would that work? Ugh, decisions... Thanks for all your input! I appreciate it!

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    Hi! I love both Elizabeth and Isabella, but I am with you in liking Elizabeth just a little bit more! Nicknames can include: Ella, Eliza, Libby. For Isabella, I do like the nn Ella, but Izzy is more of a natural nn.

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    Isabella is very overused, or maybe it is just far too popular for my taste. I think it is a very pretty name if I look at it objectively, but its popularity spike scared me away. However, if it is your only choice:
    Isabella Nicknames:
    Izzie, Sally, Elle, Ella, Ellie, Belle, Bella, Bizzie, Bessie
    I prefer Elizabeth/Elisabeth over Isabella for more than one reason. Although it is popular, it is not as popular as Isabella. There seem to be even more nn options for Elizabeth than Isabella. Elizabeth is classically beautiful without the concern of trends.
    Nicknames for Elisabeth(z?)
    Elle, Ellie, Ella
    Eliza, Elsie, Etta, Essie, Eliet (elliott)
    Liz, Lizzie, Lizza or Liza, Elise, Libby, Libba
    Abbie, Lisa, Seth, Lissa, Beth, Betsie, Bettie, Blythe
    Ellis, Elisa, Bizzy and probably a dozen more I don't know of...

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    I adore Elizabeth, but I cannot stand Isabella. There isn't anything wrong with it, it just doesn't win any points with me.

    I know Isabella is an old name, but it's so uber-popular right now, that I think it will date on Isabellas born today.

    Elizabeth however, is a timeless classic, and won't date.

    Therefore, it won't surprise you to learn, Elizabeth wins this one hands down for me. (Plus it has the better nickname options).
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    Popularity completely aside, I much prefer Elizabeth. It's funny, because the two names are similar in style and feel as well as sound (vowel, zuh, and the "be" in beth and bella. Elizabeth somehow seems a more well-rounded name to me, and I have always been partial to "el" names (so pretty) as well as the name Beth. I think it is more capable of being grown-up/serious or girly/fun, whereas Isabella stays more girly to me, although it is certainly a lovely name as well. I probably prefer Isabel.
    I really love Izzy as a nickname for Isabella, because it is a popular name, and most of the Isabella's on the playground end up being Bella's. izzy is spunkier and more unique. I think Ella would definitely work as a nickname as well.
    My favorite nicknames for Elizabeth are Ellie and Beth. Beth is so so so sweet and classic, and Ellie is kinda fun and spunky. I don't care for Lizzy very much at all, but that's just me-I never have liked it. Liza and Lilly are just ok. Birdie is absolutely adorable, but doesn't seem wearable for an older girl (middle or high school), but then again, that what her full would name is for! Haha. There's also Libby and Elsie, which are very vintage cute.
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