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    Is Wednesday really unusable?

    I've been thinking about Wednesday a lot lately, and crushing hard. SO and I both love it and how it sounds with Ivan. I know everyone will think of The Addams Family first, but do you think that's enough to not use it, or at least move it to the list? There were 31 Wednesdays born in 2012.
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    I've heard worse.
    Go for it.
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    I love Wednesday. I think its useable x

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    I'm on the fence for Wednesday and other calendar-related names. I like a lot of them--Tuesday, January, September--but I can't decide if they're usable or not. I've seen people talking about wanting to use November and bemoaning the fact that there's no good nickname - but if the main reason you feel you can't use a name is because there's no everyday version, then it seems to me that the name isn't usable. I don't think Wednesday Addams is a point against use of Wednesday; if anything it's at least an occasion when you can hear someone being called by the name regularly in every day conversation and see how you like it. In general, I find the more unusual calendar names quirky and adorable, something about them draws me in. But can I picture a woman named Wednesday working in the office next to mine or a nametag with Wednesday at the department store? Apparently my definitive answer is maybe. I like it but would not be daring enough to use it. And if I'm not daring enough to name my child that, can I presume that my child will be bold enough to carry it off?

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    I know a little girl named Wednesday - it's lovely, and she only makes me love it more. Her parents are definitely what you'd call eccentrics, but it's still a great name, and she pulls it off very well.
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