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    Ooh, quick feedback! Thanks girls

    I should clarify - the first names are pretty much set as my favourites. I'm not really asking for opinions along the lines of "I don't like Sylvia" but rather comments on the first and middle combinations and suggestions for alternative middles. Anyway...

    @rkrd - Nice to see some Saffron love Most people on this site seem to dislike her for some reason.

    @kerrycl - Miranda Clementine came to me like a bolt from the blue! I'm loving this combo at the moment and I'm glad you are too!

    @ajbear - I don't really want to switch names around because the first names are my favourites. I'm just looking for great middles to pair with them. Glad you like most of my names!

    @bibliophile - I agree, I think Daphne needs a different middle. I have to think more on that one.

    @lawsonhaley - I'm not keen on my Blythe combo either. Need to think of another middle, but middles for Blythe are really hard!

    @bonfireazalea - Thanks for your comments! I think I agree about Saffron. Saffron Miranda is a nice idea.

    @mill - I love Audrey and Clara as well. They're two of my favourites!

    @aileen - Thanks for your comments!

    @jpr - Audrey and Susannah are probably my top two at the moment!

    @peanut - I think Mattea Francesca is a bit too Italian. But the combo sounds good. I need other ideas for Mattea!

    @cristinamariane - Mattea is awesome! Mattea Valentine is a great idea, actually.

    @hardertobreathe - Thanks for your comments!

    @misskendra - Thanks! I love them too

    @fiammetta - Thanks for contributing!
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    I don't have time to write an in-depth response, but I just wanted to say that Mabel Rosalind, Margot Beatrice, and Sylvia Valentine are so ridiculously charming! Audrey and Clara are two classic favorites of mine too, but the combos you have them in don't jump out to me. Audrey Clementine/Francesca and Clara Josephine maybe?
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    Audrey Florence - I adore both names, but together they're not my favourite combo. Pretty though.
    Blythe Charlotte - nice
    Clara Elizabeth - beautiful and classic. You can't go wrong with this.
    Daphne Louisa - sweet and pretty.
    Harriet Josephine - dislike Harriet, sorry.
    Mabel Rosalind - nice flow, but not my favourite.
    Margot Beatrice - dislike. (but feel free to ignore me, as I just don't get both names)
    Mattea Francesca - I's love to meet a little Mattea! Not with Francesca, I think.
    Miranda Clementine - Adore both names, but not as a combo.
    Saffron Margaret - prettty!
    Susannah Blythe - sweet.
    Sylvia Valentine - not sure.
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    Audrey Florence — Very pretty combo, but Audrey is a little too popular for me to get excited about.
    Blythe Charlotte — Not a fan of Blythe, for a real little girl, but this sounds like an enchanting name for a literary character!
    Clara ElizabethClara is one of my grandmothers' names and I'm fond of it, but I think Elizabeth needs to be saddled with a much more distinctive name in order to enhance the combo overall.
    Daphne Louisa — I think I'd rather hear "Daphne Louise."
    Harriet Josephine — I like this! Josephine is one of my faves, and I've always had a soft spot for Harriet.
    Mabel Rosalind — I'm lukewarm on this one. Not a huge fan of Mabel, I guess.
    Margot Beatrice — I'm really not a fan of Margot.
    Mattea Francesca — I adore Mattea but I dislike the rhyming here with Francesca.
    Miranda ClementineDon't care for Miranda, but the combo sounds nice.
    Saffron Margaret — I'm... let's just say, not "mad about Saffron!"
    Susannah Blythe — For an old-timey name like Susannah (which is still very cute and rather fresh today given how uncommon it is!) I think I'd like to see a little more of an updated name in the middle spot.
    Sylvia Valentine — I could like this depending on the child's ethnicity. Valentine could be over the top.
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