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    Whirlie; haha, no, coffee's got no effect on me...

    Jesebel; I know about Cersei Lannister, I kind of like her. She's not pure and good, but she's very interesting.

    Rintin; Titania and Yvaine do sound lovely together!

    Averella; I considered Nefertiti for the last round but I cut it. She was fascinating though!

    New list with Husband's approval:

    A few notes:
    -Husband's not crazy about Belphoebe but is willing to keep it to see if it "grows on him". Usually this means it will get the axe at some point.
    -The reason (in case any one wonders) why we cut Melusine is because Morgana will always win as the M name. Melusine is still a strong middle name contender. Unless one of my pregnant friends has a girl before me and calls her Morgana that is...
    - We need to choose between the three P-names. Even if you dislike all three, please tell me which one you like the most/dislike the least.
    - Husband is uncertain about Pandora because she was created as a punishment for Prometheus and because neither of us really love -dora endings, so I added Pandeia/Pandia as it's equally lovely, more obscure and she was associated with the moon and dew and it means "all brightness" which is beautiful.
    - We're happy keeping both Circe and Callisto as they start with different sounds.
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    Alright, I'll post my two cents.

    Belphoebe -- it's a gorgeous name, all dancing fairies and things but I hate how similar she is to Dita. They have the same endings and that bothers me. Phoebe and Dite rhyme. I love it in the middle
    Callisto -- This grows on me more and more. I think it's not as strong as Dita but I do love it. It's all leaping waves and dolphins and cool island music.
    Circe -- I have spoken here, but I'll repeat. I don't like how short it is and how it rhymes with Dita. I don't think it's as strong as other short names (like Isis when you loved it) so I think it should stay in the middle
    Eimyrja -- I agree this is going to be extremely hard for other people to know how to say. When I first say it I said I-meer-yah. It's nice as a middle
    Fiammetta -- I think this is gorgeous and lovely. I know it's not as historically strong as you'd like, but it is beautiful and strong. It's Italy and long dresses, riding a gondola and laughing in the evening light.
    Hespera -- We have gone over this bunches! She's so hissy and breathy and wintery. She's gorgeous and strong and I love the images of firelight and cocoa and cuddling
    Iphigenia -- I just don't like the name in general. It has an awkward sound and I don't like the way it sounds with Dita.
    Morgana -- I doubt I have to reiterate here, but it's gorgeous and perfect. The images bled marvelously. She's crashing waves and stormy water, gentle thunder storms and the twinkly rainbows after. She a woman twirling in the sand as the wind pulls her hair around, her dress wet and tattered and clinging to her skin. She's the woman that grabs Aphrodite as she steps from her foamy water and twirls with her and laughs... Otter, I could write a story using just the images I get from this name. Besides all that, she sounds perfect with Dita.
    Nausicaa -- I have spoken my piece here. There's too many pronunciations, too nausea sounding, and just meh with Dita.
    Niniane -- Love it. She's like a water sprite or a mermaid in my head (even though I know the mythology and know she isn't). She's not a grown woman either, but a young girl, 13ish maybe, lazily swimming in the water, floating on her back to enjoy the sun. She sounds great with Dita
    Pandeia -- This is my favorite Pan- name. It has Panda and Pandy and her mythology is a lot better than Pandora. The meaning is great and the connection to the moon is perfect. Pendeia and Aphrodite aren't the best flow, but I still think they work well together.
    Pandora -- I don't like it for all those reasons up there. There isn't anything good about her mythology. She was created as a punishment because Prometheus tried to give man fire but she was given to a man (his brother) who did nothing to her. She was gifted curiosity with the express purpose of opening that jar and unleashing evil and suffering onto mankind (even though we hadn't done anything to Zeus) and in the end, she trapped hope inside. I just can't find a way to like it. I'm sorry. I would think it's a fine middle.
    Polyhymnia -- Least favorite. I see many hymns also, but I just generally don't like the sound with Dita
    Proserpina -- Second favorite. It's all dark with this name, but soft, velvety dark. I can see a girl, dark haired and lovely, young, sitting in a moonlit clearing in the forest, singing softly while she braids flowers in the dark. The flow isn't perfect, but I love them together.
    Tinuviel -- Fairies and pipes and bonfires and starlight. If you want a fairy name, this is it. She's naked in my head because she's fae, she dances in the dew and leaps bonfires and singing loudly and sweet. At the same time, I can see her laying in the flowers, starlight glittering as she catches fire flies and whispers fairy secrets to them. Like with Morgana, I could write with this name. She's almost perfect.

    So my top 5 names are:


    So I hope that's helpful ^_^

    I'd also like to suggest Pandaisia (pan-DAY-see-ah). She's a minor goddess of feasting and cheer and it means "banquet for everyone". Maybe the sound of her name with give you the same sort of spark you're looking for.
    And another Poly-name that doesn't look like "many hymns" is Polymatheia (poly-MAH-thee-ah). She's a muse of Knowledge (not one of the Olympian muses, one of the others). I like it much better than Polyhymnia.
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    I grow more and more fond of Tinuviel all the time. She's lovely! She complements Aphrodite without trying to match her; they're both so beautiful in different ways.

    Of the p names, my vote is for Pandora. It doesn't sound like you love her enough to choose her, but I'm not fond of Pandeia as a substitute. Proserpina sounds too hissy to me, too serpentine. And Polyhymnia sounds too much like a word; the 'poly' is the problem. Polygon, polygamy, polytheism. Names shouldn't have prefixes.

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    You and Dantea should write the images names conjure for you for NB. Would be so much better than just a simple name meaning!

    What Dantea said about Morgana, Tinuviel, and Niniane pretty much sums up my feelings
    Still love Circe and Fiammetta though.

    Cannot WAIT to see what this little one ends up with for a name.
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    From your updated list, I still love Fiammetta.

    Since you aren't bothered by the matchiness, I think Pandora is a wonderful name. I actually really love the name, and Panda as a nickname is a great bonus. I see Pandora as a very lovable, inquisitive soul.
    I prefer Pandora to Pandeia/Pandia simply because I keep going to say pandemonium when I read the name. (this may just be be)
    I also love Callisto; I like that in Greek mythology she is immortalized in the sky as stars.

    I also like Morgana. It sounds like a name that belongs to a strong, beautiful person

    Forgive me if you have already considered these names, or if these are the letters you said you wanted to avoid, but have you considered
    Apollonia, Galatea, or Chandra? These names kept popping to mind as I was reading this thread.

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