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    Vancouver, Canada
    What would you choose if you had to do one of these things? DH
    # Skydive - 2

    What’s your favourite drink? DW
    # Juice - 1

    What’s your favourite music style? DS/DD
    # Pop - 2

    What’s your religion? DS
    # I’m not religious - 3

    What’s your favorite city? DS
    # New York - 5

    What’s your motto? DD
    # A good friend will help you move; a best friend will help you move the body. - 2

    What’s your favourite food? DS
    # Lasagna - 4

    Who’s your favourite hunk? DD/DD
    # David Beckham - 4

    You’d like to go to a..? DD
    # Musical - 1

    DH: Finn Davis
    DW: Adelaide Stella

    DS/DD: Archer Tate "Archie"/Charlotte Matilda "Charlie"
    DS: Sage Cobalt
    DS: Adron Jarek
    DD: Sloane Harper
    DS: Isaac Hugh
    DD/DD: Lorraine Nancy/Marlene Sharon
    DD: Eleanor Genevieve "Nora"

    Finn and Adelaide have Archie, Charlie, Sage, Adron, Sloane, Isaac, Lorraine, Marlene and Nora

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    DH: Drake Canyon
    DW: Priscilla Adelaide
    DS/DD: Devereux McCartney and Blakely McLayne
    DS: Jameson Tate
    DS: Zachary Dean
    DD: Francine Simone
    DS: Archer Paxton
    DD/DD: Braelyn Shanae and Bellemy Fallon
    DD:Crimson Monet

    Oh, I love this family!!!
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    West Midlands, UK
    H: Eugene Stuart
    W: Raskella Makira

    S/D: Wolf River and Rose Sky
    S: Finch Onyx
    S: Finn Archer
    D: Mirella Kyree
    S: Ryder Blakely
    D/D: Laina Aneeka and Naia Shanae
    D: Kiana Brielyn

    ~Gene and Ella with: Wolf, Rose, Finch, Finn, Mira, Ryder, Lainie, Naia and Kia.~
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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