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    Generation Rules CAF with names passed down #3

    LN: Name of a mountain

    DH(80): Begins with an E / a "grandpa" name
    DW(76): A name thats 8 or more letters / A month

    DS(51): has a nickname that ends in Y / A presidents last name
    DD(48): A common biblical name / An out there nature name
    DD(46): A short abrupt sounding name / ends in -ley or -leigh
    DS(43): Name ends in an A / Fathers first name
    DD(42): Variation of mothers first name / Variation of one of fathers names
    DS/DS(36): 4 letter first names / one has fathers first as a middle, other has fathers middle


    DW(51): a uncommon flower name / ends in an R (maiden name: Italian surname)

    DS(30): Grandfathers first name (but goes by a nickname) / Contains a V
    -DW(32): Named after a singer (that was famous before she was born) / Begins with a D (maiden name: a fruit)
    --DD(8): Name contains 2 L's / A Christmas inspired name
    --DD(5): Name with a cutesy nickname / Variant of Anna
    DD(28): Very Italian first name / Grandmothers first
    -DW(24): Begins with a W / a flower name (maiden name: ends in -ez)
    DD/DS(25): First names look like they should rhyme, but they dont (or atleast dont really) / Mothers first and fathers first
    DD(22): Grandmothers middle name / A unisex nature name
    --DS(2): One syllable name / Uncle (DS30) middle name


    DH(51): Name with Spanish origin / Biblical name (LN: ends in an A)

    DD(32): DW's middle name / Name that means star
    -Dbf(34): Name of a boyband member / ends in O (LN: an Irish surname)
    --DD(9): Name of a non-flower plant / Great grandmother (DW76)'s first name
    --DS(1): Begins with an F / Great grandfather (DH80)'s middle name
    DD(28): A uncommon jewel name / A name inspired by night
    -DH(29): Begins with a Y / A classic name (LN: 4 letters)
    --DD/DD/DD(5): Firsts begin with "A" / Middles are inspired by Valentines Day
    DS(23): A word name / A unisex name
    DD(19): A Hawiian name / Variant of Grandmothers first name


    DH(47): A Greek name / Begins with J (LN: Something you find on a farm)

    DS(23): Variant of grandfathers name / A saints name
    DS(19): Variant of Uncle (DS51)'s name / A name from Greek mythology
    DS(17): Variant of Uncle (DS43)'s name / A Philosopher
    DD(16): Variant of Grandmothers first name (goes by a nickname) / A Greek Goddess


    DW(47): Begins with an I / A virtue name (maiden name: 10+ letters)

    DS(23): Named after a rock star / A common name
    -Df(22): 4 letters / Begins with a U (LN: City in Europe)
    --DS(nb): Has double letters / Grandfather (DS43)'s first name
    DD(20): Begins with Mc or Mac / A classic name with a twist
    DD(17): Name is recognizable but not in the top 1000 / Ends in x or z


    DH(48): Your favorite boys name / Ends in -son (LN: Spanish last name)

    DS(21): Name of a college / Variant of fathers first
    -DH(22): Space inspired name / Strong name (LN: A character in a tv shows last name)
    --DS(nb): Grandfathers middle name / A nature name
    DD(20): A smart sounding name / mothers name
    --DD(nb): A mythical creature / grandfather (DH48)'s middle name
    DS(18): A classic name / Grandfathers middle name


    DW(36): A hyphenated name / no middle name (maiden name: Found in a church)

    DD(13): A princess name / Grandmothers mn
    DD/DD(10): Summer inspired names / Middles end in -elle
    DD(5): A place name / Aunt (DD46)'s first name
    DS/DS(2): Variants of fathers and Uncle (DS36)'s names / Animal names


    DW(32): Begins and ends with the same letter / A GP of yours (maiden name: A shade of green)

    DD/DD(6): Begin with the same letter / End with the same letter
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Perry, Allison, Winter, Louise, Savannah, Tansy, Anona,
    Sutton, Alora, Nova
    Park, Tide, Steven, Lars, Fox, Ren, Boone, Day, Hart,

    (Favorite names may change often)

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    DH (80): Emil Alfred Hood
    DW (76): Margaret January Hood (nee Parker) "Molly"

    DS (51): Donovan Kennedy Hood "Donny"
    -DW (51): Azalea Harper Hood (nee Balboni)
    --DS (30): Emil Gavin Hood "Gavin"
    ---DW (32): Holly Denise Hood (nee Apple)
    ----DD (8): Isabella Holly Hood "Bella"
    ----DD (5): Eleanora Anne Hood "Nora"
    --DD (28): Elisabetta Margaret Hood "Lisa"
    ---DW (24): Willow Rose Hood (nee Gomez)
    --DD/DS (25): Addison Azalea Hood & Hudson Donovan Hood
    --DD (22): January River Hood "Janie"
    ----DS (2): Grant Gavin Hood

    DD (48): Leah Aspen Espinoza (nee Hood)
    -DH (51): Alejandro James Espinoza
    --DD (32): Aspen Estella Espinoza
    ---DBF (34): Louis Milo O'Brien
    ----DD (9): Sage Margaret O'Brien
    ----DS (1): Finn Alfred O'Brien
    --DD (28): Rita Nox (Espinoza)
    ---DH (29): Yosef Alexander Ford "Joey"
    ----DD/DD/DD (5): Amelia Rose Ford, Adelaide Valentine Ford, & Arianna Lace Ford "Amelia, Addy, & Aria"
    --DS (23): River Bailey Espinoza
    --DD (19): Kalena Margot Espinoza "Ellie"

    DD (46): Rain Ashley Hay (nee Hood) "Rainy"
    -DH (47): Alexander Jonathan Hay
    --DS (23): Emilio John Hay "Milo"
    --DS (19): Donovan Atlas Hay
    --DD (16): Margaret Athena Hay "Maisie"

    DS (43): Luca Emil Hood
    -DW (47): India Grace Hood (nee Cunningham) "Indie"
    --DS (23): James Austin Hood "Jimmy"
    ---DF (22): Emma Umbra Paris
    ----DS (nb): Phillip Luca Hood
    --DD (20): McKenna Carlotta Hood "Kenna"
    --DD (17): Theodora Inez Hood "Teddy"

    DD (42): Maisie Emilia Gomez (nee Hood)
    -DH (48): Wesley Jameson Gomez
    --DS (21): Calvin Weston Gomez "Cal"
    ---DH (22): Leo Christoper Winchester
    ----DS (nb): Jameson River Winchester-Gomez "Jamie"
    --DD (20): Mika Maisie Gomez
    ----DS (nb): Phoenix Jameson Gomez "PJ"
    --DS (18): Noah Alfred Gomez

    DS (36): Noah Emil Hood
    -DW (36): Anna-Marie Hood (nee Altar)
    --DD (13): Charlotte January Hood "Lottie"
    --DD/DD (10): Summer Isabelle Hood & Ruby Mirabelle Hood
    --DD (5): Adelaide Rain Hood "Addy"
    --DS/DS (2): Nico Callum Hood & Josiah Colt Hood

    DS (36): Joel Alfred Hood "Joey"
    -DW (36): Mariam Echo Hood (nee Forest)
    --DD/DD (6): Amelia Rose Hood & Aurora Irene Hood "Amelia & Rory"

    Parents: Emil & Molly.
    Children: Donny (Azalea), Leah (Alejandro), Rain (Alexander), Luca (Indie), Maisie (Wesley), Noah (Anna-Marie), & Joey (Mariam).
    Donny & Azalea have Gavin (Holly), Lisa (Willow), Addison, Hudson, & Janie.
    Leah & Alejandro have Aspen (Louis), Rita (Joey), River, & Ellie.
    Rainy & Alexander have Milo, Donovan, & Maisie.
    Luca & Indie have Jimmy (Emma), Kenna, & Teddy.
    Maisie & Wesley have Cal (Leo), Mika, & Noah.
    Noah & Anna-Marie have Lottie, Summer, Ruby, Addy, Nico, & Josiah.
    Joey & Mariam have Amelia & Rory.
    Gavin & Holly have Bella & Nora.
    Janie has Grant.
    Aspen & Louis have Sage & Finn.
    Rita & Joey have Amelia, Addy, & Aria.
    Jimmy & Emma have Phillip.
    Cal & Leo have Jamie.
    Mika has PJ.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    LN: Liberty

    DH(80): Elliot Hubert
    DW(76): Cassandra July

    DS(51): Daniel Kennedy *Danny*
    DD(48): Mary Tansy
    DD(46): Ruth Ashleigh
    DS(43): Joshua Elliot
    DD(42): Cassidy Elle
    DS/DS(36): Rudy Elliot & Jack Hubert


    DH(51): Daniel Kennedy *Danny*
    DW(51): Bluebell Summer (Ricci)

    DS(30): Elliot Carver *Eli*
    -DW(32): Dolly Delilah (Mango)
    --DD(8): Allison Carol *Allie*
    --DD(5): Millicent Annabel *Millie*
    DD(28): Giovanna Cassandra
    -DW(24): Wylie Magnolia (Cortez)
    DD/DS(25): Victory Bluebell & Gregory Daniel
    DD(22): July Shea
    --DS(2): Ren Carver


    DW(48): Mary Tansy
    DH(51): Roberto Jacob (Ansara)

    DD(32): Tansy Stella
    -Dbf(34): Justin Leo (LN: McCarthey)
    --DD(9): Willow Cassandra
    --DS(1): Forrest Hubert
    DD(28): Garnet Moon
    -DH(29): York Thomas (Harp)
    --DD/DD/DD(5): Alora Heart, Anona Love, & Amara Valentine
    DS(23): Legend Blake
    DD(19): Alohi Cassidy


    DW(46): Ruth Ashleigh
    DH(47): Constantine Joseph (Goose)

    DS(23): Ellis John
    DS(19): Taniel Zeus
    DS(17): Essa Socrates
    DD(16): Kassandra Aphrodite *Kassie*


    DH(43): Joshua Elliot
    DW(47): Indigo Charity (Fredrickson)

    DS(23): Steven John
    -Df(22): June Umbrielle (Paris)
    --DS(nb): Maddox Joshua
    DD(20): McKenna Beatrix
    DD(17): Etta Jazz


    DW(42): Cassidy Elle
    DH(48): Sky Hudson (Gomez)

    DS(21): Princeton Skylar
    -DH(22): Apollo Red (Fry)
    --DS(nb): Hudson Sparrow
    DD(20): Louisa Cassidy
    --DD(nb): Pixie Hudson
    DS(18): Samuel Hubert


    1stDH(36): Rudy Elliot
    DW(36): Mary-Lou (Cross)

    DD(13): Aurora July
    DD/DD(10): Ocean Giselle & Sunny Estelle
    DD(5): Alaska Ruth
    DS/DS(2): Rudolf Fox & Jaxon Hawk


    2ndDH(36): Jack Hubert
    DW(32): Aria Sunshine (Hunter)

    DD/DD(6): Veronica Rose & Vanessa Elise
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Perry, Allison, Winter, Louise, Savannah, Tansy, Anona,
    Sutton, Alora, Nova
    Park, Tide, Steven, Lars, Fox, Ren, Boone, Day, Hart,

    (Favorite names may change often)

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    LN: Sanford

    DH(80): Edward Alfred Sanford
    DW(76): Lorraine June Sanford

    DS(51): Tobias McKinley Sanford "Toby"
    DD(48): Ruth Lilac (Sanford) Lara
    DD(46): Hope Kelley (Sanford) Silo
    DS(43): Joshua Edward Sanford "Josh"
    DD(42): Loren Alison (Sanford) Lopez
    DS/DS(36): Luke Edward Sanford & Paul Alfred Sanford


    DH(51): Tobias McKinley Sanford "Toby"
    DW(51): Poppy Taylor (Bozzelli) Sanford

    DS(30): Edward Vincent Sanford "Teddy"
    -DW(32): Billie Danielle (Apple) Sanford
    --DD(8): Callie Noel Sanford
    --DD(5): Georgia Annabel Sanford "Gigi"
    DD(28): Maria Lorraine Sanford
    -DW(24): Willa Sunflower (Vasquez) Sanford
    DD/DS(25): Juliet Poppy Sanford & Brett Tobias Sanford
    DD(22): June River Sanford
    --DS(2): Tate Vincent Sanford

    DW(48): Ruth Lilac (Sanford) Lara
    DH(51): Antonio Mark Lara

    DD(32): Lilac Nova (Lara) O'Shea
    -Dbf(34): Justin Enzo O'Shea
    --DD(9): Fern Lorraine O'Shea
    --DS(1): Finley Alfred O'Shea
    DD(28): Opal Star (Lara) Cook
    -DH(29): Yates Michael Cook
    --DD/DD/DD(5): Ada Valentine Cook, Amelia Heart Cook, & Ariana Love Cook
    DS(23): Porter Dakota Cook
    DD(19): Kalani Raine Cook

    DW(46): Hope Kelley (Sanford) Silo
    DH(47): Kostos John Silo

    DS(23): Ward Anthony Silo
    DS(19): Toby Apollo Silo
    DS(17): Josiah Thales Silo
    DD(16): Loretta Persephone Silo "Etta"

    DH(43): Joshua Edward Sanford "Josh"
    DW(47):Isabelle Grace (Constantinos) Sanford

    DS(23): Roger Christopher Sanford
    -Df(22): Cora Ursula London
    --DS(nb): Dillon Joshua Sanford
    DD(20): McKinley Oliviana Sanford
    DD(17): Sailor Alex Sanford

    DW(42): Loren Alison (Sanford) Lopez
    DH(48): William Mason Lopez

    DS(21): Duke Liam Lopez
    -DH(22): Orion Rocco Pope
    --DS(nb): Mason Forrest Lopez-Pope
    DD(20): Frances Loren Lopez
    --DD(nb): Clio Mason Lopez
    DS(18): Oliver Mason Lopez

    1stDH(36): Luke Edward Sanford
    DW(36): Mary-Anne (Alter) Sanford

    DD(13): Aurora June Sanford
    DD/DD(10): Pearl Brielle Sanford & Ruby Anabelle Sanford
    DD(5): Savannah Hope Sanford
    DS/DS(2): John-Paul Sparrow Sanford & Sean-Luke Heron Sanford

    2ndDH(36): Paul Alfred Sanford
    DW(32): Alyssa Maisie (Emerald) Sanford

    DD/DD(6): Laney Belle Sanford & Lyla Marie Sanford

    Toby (51), Ruth (48), Hope (46), Josh (43), Loren (42), Luke (36), Paul (36)

    Teddy (30), Maria (28), Juliet (25), Brett (25), June (22)
    Lilac (32), Opal (28), Porter (23), Kalani (19)
    Ward (23), Toby (19), Josiah (17), Etta (16)
    Roger (23), McKinley (20), Sailor (17)
    Duke (21), Frances (20), Oliver (18)
    Aurora (13), Pearl (10), Ruby (10), Savannah (5), John-Paul (2), Sean-Luke (2)
    Laney (6), Lyla (6)

    Callie (8), Gigi (5) (Teddy)
    Tate (2) (June)
    Fern (9), Finley (1) (Lilac)
    Ada (5), Amelia (5), Ariana (5) (Opal)
    Dillon (nb) (Roger)
    Mason (nb) (Duke)
    Clio (nb) (Frances)

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    DH(80): Edward Solomon Rainier
    DW(76): Elizabeth April Rainier

    DS(51): BenjaminBennyLincoln Rainier
    DD(48): Eve Tallulah Rainier
    DD(46): Kate Ainsley Rainier
    DS(43): Ezra Edward Rainier
    DD(42): Bethany Edie Rainier
    DS/DS(36): Abel Edward Rainier and John Solomon Rainier
    DH(51): BenjaminBennyLincoln Rainier
    DW(51): Leilani Blair Rainier (MN: Capello)

    DS(30): EdwardEddieClive Rainier
    -DW(32): Liza Dorothy Rainier (MN: Peach)
    --DD(8): Belle Neve Rainier
    --DD(5): LibertyLibbyAlanna Rainier
    DD(28): Valentina Elizabeth Rainier
    -DW(24): Waverly Iris Rainier (MN: Mendez)
    DD/DS(25): Poet Leilani Rainier and Jett Benjamin Rainier
    DD(22): April River Rainier
    --DS(2): Ace Clive Rainier
    DW(48): Eve Tallulah Bautista
    DH(51): Rafael David Bautista

    DD(32): Tallulah Desdemona Bautista
    -Dbf(34): Justin Otto O’Neil
    --DD(9): Oakley Elizabeth O’Neil
    --DS(1): Forrest Solomon O’Neil
    DD(28): Emerald Nightingale King
    -DH(29): York Jonathan King
    --DD/DD/DD(5): Aurora Love King, Ariel Valentine King and Avery Carys King
    DS(23): Stone Monroe Bautista
    DD(19): Kalani Eliza Bautista
    DW(46): Kate Ainsley Barn
    DH(47): Atlas Jerome Barn

    DS(23): Edison Ambrose Barn
    DS(19): Benji Hector Barn
    DS(17): Azariah Ludwig Barn
    DD(16): BetteBetsyCalliope Barn
    DH(43): Ezra Edward Rainier
    DW(47): Ivy Grace Rainier (MN: Montgomery)

    DS(23): Axel John Rainier
    -Df(22): Nora Ursula Edinburgh
    --DS(nb): Channing Ezra Rainier
    DD(20): McKenna Alyson Rainier
    DD(17): Seraphina Inez Rainier
    DW(42): Bethany Edie Diaz
    DH(48): Wilder Hudson Diaz
    DS(21): Yale Wilder Diaz
    -DH(22): Orion Augustus Salvatore
    --DS(nb): Hudson Sage Salvatore-Diaz
    DD(20): Constance Bethany Diaz
    --DD(nb): Phoenix Hudson Diaz
    DS(18): James Solomon Diaz
    1stDH(36): Abel Edward Rainier
    DW(36): Ada-Faye Rainier (MN: Cross)

    DD(13): Snow April Rainier
    DD/DD(10): Meadow Annabelle Rainier and Sunny Estelle Rainier
    DD(5): Ireland Kate Rainier
    DS/DS(2): Avel Fox Rainier and Johan Hawk Rainier
    2ndDH(36): John Solomon Rainier
    DW(32): Willow Elora Rainier (MN: Ever)

    DD/DD(6): Sloane Clementine Rainier and Sinclair Vivienne Rainier

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