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Thread: Rules Game

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    Your name is Gabrielle Pearl Parks, but you go by "Ellie." You're a 38-year-old high school English teacher. You've been married to Michael Fredrick Parks for 20 years, and he's your high school sweetheart. He's a 38-year-old elementary school music teacher who goes by "Mike."

    Your oldest is an 18-year-old daughter named Piper Eloise Parks. She's a freshman in college, studying interior design. She's got an eye for color.

    Your twins are second in line. They're both 16-year-old girls, but with completely different personalities. Sailor Ruby Parks is a free-spirited artist who spends all her time jamming out to music and painting angry self portraits. Bailey Ysabel Parks is a sweet, popular girl who aspires to be the homecoming queen. She's a cheerleader and enjoys gymnastics on the side.

    You also have 13-year-old female twins. They are eerily similar to one another, and both enjoy reading and the outdoors. Their names are Lucille Katherine Parks & Laurel Kate Parks. They go by "Lucy & Laurie."

    You & Mike have 9-year-old female quads who all have different personalities. Your oldest, Delilah Pearl Parks, is a sweet, sensitive little girl who puts everyone before herself. Evelyn Veronica Parks, who goes by "Evie," is very selfish and self-centered. She doesn't like to share and thinks of herself very highly. Gillian Hannah Parks is a nature-lover who spends all her free-time playing in the mud. She goes by "Gil," a clever pun on her love for fish. The youngest twin, Nora Zahara Parks, is a history lover. She has multiple maps up on her walls and keeps a list of all the places she's been and wants to go.

    You also have a set of 7-year-old triplets: 1 girl & 2 boys. Cambria Adelaide Parks is a fan of fashion. She loves to try on her older sister's clothes--especially Bailey's heels--and refers to her star name as "Cami." Your oldest son, Mumin Connor Parks, is a fan of race cars. He's constantly watching NASCAR with his dad, and dresses up as a racer every year on Halloween. He goes by "M.C." Your younger son, Micah Asa Parks, loves cars, as well. But he's not a fan of racing--instead, he loves collecting Hot Wheels.

    You have 6-year-old twins named Summer Rose Parks & Aubrey Elizabeth Parks. They're both little movie buffs, and spend their entire day laying on the floor, watching movies. Popcorn is their snack of choice.

    You have a 5-year-old son named Alexander Luca Parks, but he goes by "Alex." Alex loves to watch racing with his older brother, M.C. and loves playing with Micah's car collection, as well.

    You have a 4-year-old son named Valor Vincent Parks, and he's in love with medieval times. He wears his little armored man costume everywhere and talks like he's from the 15th century.

    You have 2-year-old quads, and they're all boys. Callum Archer Parks goes by "Cal" and he's a little cowboy lover. He loves to ride his stuffed pony and put on his cowboy boots. Cullen Alistair Parks is in love with dinosaurs. He's still little, but he loves to pretend to be a T-Rex. Chyler Aiden Parks is a bike lover. He rides his tricycle all up and down the street like a pro. Carter Allen Parks is a little sweetheart, and he helps mommy out in the kitchen as often as possible. He loves to mix food and play with making spoon music.

    You have a newborn daughter, Miranda Carolina Parks, and she's a gorgeous sweet-heart. You all call her "Mia."
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