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    Thanks for moving this, Ren. I guess I should have started it here in the first place. You can call me Red or Fey. Erica is my real name, and Larka is a nickname. Any of that works. I agree that there's a fine line between self confidence and narcissism (I always get tripped up spelling that word, all those S sounds) and I think most people tend towards not talking about the things they like about themselves or the things they've created because of fear of sounding like a pompous ass. It's a valid concern. In my own personal journey, I've discovered I'm very good at putting myself down, to myself and to others, so it's a subject I'm exploring right now. I'm hoping to find that balance. I think you've hit it with being honest, as long as it goes both ways: allowing yourself both the opportunity to critique yourself and to share the things you're proud of. I see you have a link to your novel in your signature. I'll check it out. What sort of stuff do you write?

    Does anyone have a website for their writing? I've been thinking of starting one. I don't think I'd post my novel in there. Samples of novels, perhaps, maybe short stories, writing prompt exercises and the like.

    Ren, one more thing, about the hating writing. That's really interesting. I feel like that sometimes. I don't think I've ever heard someone say they hate it, but it's true, there's something about it that lends itself to hate. I'm probably over-sharing here because I've been such an emotional wreck lately, but when you wrote that you'd happily trade the need to write for a useful talent, I nodded my head. I'm making lots of big hard changes in my life, and one of those changes is giving in to this need I have to write, which is a strange way to feel. Giving in, I mean. Rather than embracing it, so to speak, it's like a battle I've been fighting all my life, and it's finally worn me down. It feels right, there's really never been any other option, but it's a grudging right. I'm not sure I've explained myself.

    periwinkle (can I call you Peri? ) I added you back! I'll be sure and root for you to get to the finish line. All my middle and high school stuff was terrible, too. Haha! Most of it is put away, but I've looked through some of it and just laughed and laughed. There were some good ideas, but the execution was so bad. I remembered one scene I'd written as being so beautiful, this outdoor dancing by a fire scene. I re-read it a couple years ago (I wrote it when I was about 13) and it was hysterically bad. Awkward, it made no sense, I went into way too much detail about this silly dress someone was wearing, etc. It's nice to see how I've improved, though.
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    I actually joined Nanowrimo just this year, though my friends have been telling me to sign up for years. Not sure how or when I'm going to be able to do because I'm busier than ever this year with all the stupid Honor classes I'm taking, but I will certainly give it a try.

    I started working on this novel (going to span into a larger part of a series) a couple of months ago that I'm really excited and serious about. Its called The Forgotten, and is about a world parallel to our own where a young woman betrays her strict government after rescuing an "alien" girl who is the last of her kind.

    Usually, I just write short stories or flash fiction because none of my novels ever seem to work out. But like I said, for the first time EVER, I'm really excited about this one.
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    I agree, Fey. I feel bad when I brag but I feel so happy to share such a big accomplishment. Tomorrow I'll be sending my first round of edits back to my editor and he's going to read it again and probably give me another round of edits. That's just how it goes.

    As for the other stuff, I dislike some things I write, and some things never seem good enough or just the way they should be, but that's natural. And artist (of any sort) is never completely satisfied. There's always something that could be added or changed or reworked, etc.
    But I've never hated my writing, and I've never hated myself after. For me, writing was a release, a way to save me. If I hadn't started writing, I might be dead. I'm over sharing, but when I started writing I was in a very bad place. I was 13, very heavily doing self-harm, very much in the throws of depression, just realizing how abusive my living situation was. I was seeing 3 councilors. If I hadn't of met my writing partner, if she hadn't opened that door for me, I wouldn't have survived that year. I wrote Bow Before Griffin in that first year, 400 handwritten pages. It's about 200 typed. I wrote the second book that next year, I wrote the third the next. I wrote furiously to get the demons out, to save myself.

    I'm still the same with my writing. I write often and I write feverishly. In the last year, since September or so of last year, I have written 2 complete books. The Awakening is 247 typed pages, that's something like 500 paper back pages. The same with The Transition. I'm starting on The Devouring while I rework the first and think about how to rewrite Griffin so it is good and not 13 year old crap. I'm thinking about a sci-fi novel, about poetry, about my DnD campaign I'm writing, about a novella I have in my head...It's my life. It keeps me going just as much as my daughter does.

    Anyway, I guess my mini spill is over. The short version, for me, writing is life. Writing is a way to purge the demons of my soul and trap them on the paper. I write so much and so furiously because if I didn't, I would be lost. I spent 4 hours this morning working on art work for the books while the baby slept and I'm about to go draw my characters. It's something I can't see myself not doing.

    Now, if that's too long and too open or if it makes anyone uncomfortable, let me know, I'll edit it. On the flip side, I'd be happy to keep talking about my own experiences (in the past, with writing in general, or with anything writing related) if someone needs it. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Wow, Dantea, good on you for being so open about your story! I can relate to writing-as-a-release; that's how it was for me back in grade school, though my situation wasn't quite as dire as your seems. But writing definitely kept it from becoming any worse than it was. But now that I've worked past (the worst of) my demons, I do it more due to inspiration than out of necessity. Which is probably why I get so caught up in the fun of planning and never get anything actually written, haha. I only wish I could be as productive as you. Two novels in a year! Wow! I mean, I've planned at least that much this past year, and very extensively too, but very few scenes have actually been put into prose. My character descriptions alone fill more pages than the actual written text for most of them. Heck, even my detailed step-by-step plot outlines are longer. Which is a big reason I finally joined NaNo, to force me to turn one of those fully developed plans into an actual novel. If I could turn writing into that kind of habit again, where I write compulsively instead of having to force myself to do it...well, I'd be a very happy person.

    Fey: Peri is fine! Or Blue, since that matches my NaNo name as well. Even though it pains me, it is always nice to look back at my old writing whenever I'm feeling discouraged. It reminds me of how much I've improved, and therefore also how much I can continue to improve with time. Good self-esteem booster!
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    I see you have a link to your novel in your signature. I'll check it out. What sort of stuff do you write?
    I worked this out yesterday for the first time, lol. According to Wikipedia (of all places, lol) calling it 'new adult historical fantasy' is totally ok. I then looked at Amazon's categories and found that they have a sub category of fantasy called 'alternate history' which fits as well.

    Either of those works

    Perry and Red, I added you on NaNo I'm PierreSentMe.
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