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    Dusty Claudia & Bernadette

    So although I feel like my search was over before it even started I'm curious in your opinions for Claudia & Bernadette.

    I have a soft spot for them but they feel old. Claudia feels tempting & timeless also tenons me of Galatea which I thought was unique. She was alsoa runner against Vera but she just seems so Dusty? Idk what it is about Bernadette, but I love it. She even had me consider Vernadette before.

    What do you guys think are they at home in their graves, sitting in a nursing home or ready to hit the nursery.

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    I think they are great names! I never liked Claudia much until recently, but I've gained appreciation for her beauty. I think Bernadette is so cute and has lots of nickname potential.

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    I like them both. I LOVE Claudia. It's so gorgeous and stylish and sort of old hollywood sounding. Bernadette feels posh and stylish too, but Bernie is adorable and Etta is fabulous. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    To me, Claudia is hip and awesome.

    Bernadette feels stuffy and fussy
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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