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Thread: Mixedberries

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    @Lauren I'm a huge fan of the Dutch and Scandinavian royals families but I'm following the others closely too. I am so glad to find other people who like royal families too. My real life friends find my interest weird... I just moved to the Northern part of France (Lille?) but I was raised in the Eastern part, and I am not really happy about my living here. I've started to love Paris lately. Been there a couple of times and love its museums and hidden places! What was your favorite place?

    @Zelia I'd like to see your blogs too.
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    I definitely fit in here! :-)

    My name is Susannah, i'm 23. I'm studying politics/history at university in Melbourne, Australia. Am hoping to graduate at the end of this year.

    Love nameberry, have discovered some new names that I previously wouldn't have liked.


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    Ah just read there's some supernatural fans here! Same! I'm nervous for season 9 too, I really hope they don't butcher it even more D:

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    Definitely a thread for me

    My name is Isabella, I'm 22, I just started to study "Strategic HR Management in Europe" in Vienna (Austria), before I did my bachelors degree in "European Economy and Business Management". I have always loved names (even when I was just a little girl) and I'm glad that I finally found a forum full with people that love the same thing

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    Okay, I now feel like I'm not the only one who is here simply because she loves names and not because she's about to have a baby, that's why I mostly hang out in the writers' forum. I have never even had a boyfriend, and yet I'm thinking about teaching my future kids sign language. As you gathered, I'm weird.

    Anyways, I'm Irene, I'm from Italy, right next door to Florence, and let me tell you, the location and the food are awesome, but our country is crumbling at the seams. I'm going to be 21 in a couple of months, and I'm studying Languages and Literature in Bologna, where I currently live. Well, I move back and forth, to be honest, so I hop on trains a lot. Trains are awesome to people watch, which is a slight obsession I have. It might be because I'm really into fanfictions and I usually study strangers to come up with quirks for my characters. I'm a fast reader, and I love to devour books, even though now I read more online than actual books. I'm an only child, which seems uncommon here. I like photography, cooking and baking, even though I flavor baking more, and anything concerning language fascinates me. I watch various TV shows, so for the one who said if it is still worth watching Grey's Anatomy again? Yeah, I think it is. I almost quit at the S7 premiere too, but then I kept going and now it's worth waiting for every week. It's not what it used to be, but I really enjoy how they are developing the characters. English is not my first language, so I'm always self-conscious before posting, and I hope you'll forgive me if there are any typos.

    I honestly have no idea how I got into names, maybe it's because in my small town there are pretty strange named people and they always fascinated me, maybe because I needed to find names for characters as I wrote.What else? I don't know...But this, this thread is a great idea. I finally feel like I fit in and I can come out of the shadows.
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