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Thread: Could I be?

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    opinions of nameberry ppl will not change the fact if you are or arnt pregnant.. i think maybe you want ppl to keep your hopes up that you are pregnant?? at 18 days late you would be able to detect fetus on an ultrasound so i would be going back to the Dr to book that in... even if its not the answer your looking for atleast it may rule out any causes for the late period.

    ive never heard of anyone getting a negative 18 days after period was due - but i guess there is always a first for everything, mine was 5 days late last month and no pregnancy, good luck!

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    It's certainly not impossible to test negative when your period is 18 days late. Pregnancy tests check for certain levels of a hormone, and there are various reasons those hormone levels can remain undetectably low a number of weeks into pregnancy.

    However, this is pretty rare (much more rare then when our mothers were taking pregnancy tests), and you do have other reasons to miss a period.

    Also, unfortunately miscarriage is more common in pregnancies with low hgc (although not inevitable).
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    Not everyone gets a postivive test right away... With one of my daughters I didn't get a positive test until I was 8 (nearly 9) weeks pregnant! I took multiple home pregnancy tests and had 4 blood tests done by my doctor and the all came back negative until I tool a HPT when my period was 34 days late!
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    Yeah, I will just throw this story out there, too. I know all this "it happened to my friend" is really annoying, but since I am also late right now (and got a BFN the day after my period was due, haven't tested again yet), I recently brought it up with a friend. She took 3 tests when she was pregnant; the last one at 8 weeks. They were all negative. Eventually, she went to the doctor and a blood test was positive. Anyway, she ended up having healthy twins, so there you go. I still think that's pretty rare, though. And like others have said, I think going off BC can make your cycles really unpredictable for a little while (I've never used BC, so no real experience there). I'd go to the doctor if you're worried about it.

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    Sorry my answer wasn't what you wanted to hear. But, eighteen days late and no positive test means you're *highly unlikely* to be pregnant. Yes, I know it's not impossible. But it's unlikely. I don't have a crystal ball. All I can do is tell you what I think (which is what you asked people to do). Especially given that you've only just come off birth control, most women have irregular cycles for a few months afterwards, which is a much more likely explanation for your late period. Good luck to you - I hope you get the result you want.
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