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Thread: B Names...

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    B Names...

    I will start off by saying I am not pregnant yet, but I love names and I am in need of finding a B name to love.
    I have a DS, Jonah Elias. My dad passed away and I know that the next baby will be names after him, his name was Barry.

    Names I like for Boys: Brody, Bastian, Brendan
    Names I like for Girls: Bryce, Bryn, Brooke

    Looking for any suggestions that you think might sound good with Jonah that I can add to my list! I like biblical names, but I can't find many B names that are biblical that I like. I worry that the names I listed dont match well with Jonah.


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    While I think your boy choices fit in rather well with Jonah, your girls names sound very modern and to me don't go well together with classic, biblical Jonah (which I think is really pretty)

    Benedict - blessed
    Bennett - little blessed one
    Bela - BEH-la

    Sorry that I don't have any girls names.
    I myself find it very hard to like many B names. The only ones I really like are names like Bodhi or Belle.
    Would you like to find a name that sounds similar to Barry or just a B name?
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    Bryony is an amazing name.............................................. .......................................... Not biased or anything x

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    I like opheliaflora's suggestions of Benedict, and I am of course a little bias towards Bennett! I particularily love the meaning of these names. I dont have any other suggestions for firsts for a little boy, but what about the middle name or nickname Bear to honor your father? Also curiouse what your dad's middle & last names were (assuming his last is different from yours?), maybe you could consider using one of those to honor as well.

    For girls I have recently met an adorable little girl names Brielle, and I also know a little Bria - I dont know the meanings of either and I dont think they are biblical.

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    Benjamin - Classic and handsome beside Jonah.
    Benzion - Hardly mispelt or kreative but very obscure.
    Baruch - Biblical, maybe challenging pronunciation, but nice meaning. Could be called Barry if you wanted.
    Barak - One of my favourite Biblical B names but possibly overtaken by Barack Obama in terms of perception.
    Bram - Love this.
    Barnaby - Irish saint. Not fond of Barney but Barnaby is fine.
    Barrett - Another Bar- option.

    Blythe - Beautiful meaning, short polished sound like the girls' names you like.
    Belle - Another one-syllable girls' name, but with a lot of history instead of a clashing (IMO) modern sound.
    Bryony - An underused nature name
    Branwen - Winnie? Very cute. I like this one a lot. Same two-syllable as Jonah but not too matchy.
    Beatrice, Beatrix - Attractively antique, huge range of nicks. I like Betty, Bex, and Bee best.
    Betony - Another underused nature name. Pretty flower. Could be Betty for short.
    Brigida - I just really like this.
    Bella - It is its own independent name. And rather pretty, though not as tailored as Belle.
    Bayla - Old fashioned and maybe I'm the only one to like it, but I do indeed like it a lot.
    Bilhah - Biblical route to adorable Billie.

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