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    I just saw this name on a model and thought it was very pretty. After a bit of Googling, it appears to be a Ukrainian (and maybe Russian as well?) form of Salome, which gives it the lovely meaning of "peace." What do you think of it? No kids to name, just discussing names for the sake of doing so.

    (Speaking of Salome, I'd always thought of it as a very daring choice, but while looking up Solomiya I found out that Salome is in the top 10 for girls in Colombia and Georgia and in the top 100 in France. I think it's interesting to think of Salome as a top 10 name!)

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    I adore this name. I went to school with a woman named Solomiya and she was from Belarus. I had never heard of the name before meeting her, but everyone would always comment on what a gorgeous name it is.

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    Gorgeous name. Would be a real stunner in real life.

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    This name reminds me of Somalia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    This name reminds me of Somalia.
    Yeah... all I see is Somalia. :-/

    The way it's pronounced is nothing like Somalia but it's still all I see when I look at it! So-lo-me-uh. Solo-me-uh.

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