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  • Makenna

    8 10.53%
  • Adelyn

    28 36.84%
  • Aderyn

    2 2.63%
  • Adria

    24 31.58%
  • Aricyn

    0 0%
  • Avonlea

    27 35.53%
  • Aryan

    1 1.32%
  • Aerilyn

    1 1.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Orion might be a spelling you could consider. Have you considered the names Acadia, Avalon, Alysanne or Amarei?
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    Ooh, Acadia -- I like that. Gonna add that to my list right now.

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    Sadly, the Nazi version of the word is pronounced exactly the way you want the name to be. I have heard of people having it as a name that weren't Nazis, but it's always seemed strange to me.

    Ariana though is a completely legitimate name with no Nazi associations. And Aria.

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    Thanks for the quick history lesson and pronunciation guide. Just scratched that name off the list. We got stuck on "A" names because I absolutely ADORED "Adecyn" until it hit me a couple of days later that this was actually the super-popular Addison with a twisted spelling. We decided to see if we could go a little more unique. Hubby likes Avonlea, but I really can't get around the Anne of Green Gables association. Adeline is beautiful, but seems like it's becoming popular... and we don't want anything super-popular. I really like Arecyn as something pretty and unique, but hubby's not so sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    You should seriously consider nixing Aryan...too strong of a connection w/white supremecists. Otherwise, lovely choices.
    Agreed. And Aderyn sounds like adderall, the drug. Adria is a great name tho. (please vote!)

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