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    Top choices

    What are your thoughts on the first names and nicknames below both individually and as a sibset? Please be open and honest. The middles are family names. Last name is one syllable and starts with B.

    Elise "Ellie or Lisey" Marie-I worry that it isn't classic enough and may sound dated at some point in time (is it dated now?).
    James "Jax" Kent-I worry James and Jax are both too popular.

    I love classic names however I prefer shorter names with nicknames, a combo that is hard to come by.
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    I LOVE James and Elise together! Elise has never felt dated to me, plus Ellie makes her absolutely adorable.

    I don't really see how Jax would work as a nn for James though... The a in both names makes a different sound...
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    I was trying to think of a quirky nickname other than "Jim," "Jake," or "Jamie." With the K from Kent I came up with Jak but I prefer the X. But I think you maybe right. Can you think of any other nick name for James?
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    Expecting our first September 2015

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    Elise Marie - If I'm totally honest, Elise is a bit like Elaine for me. Both register as pretty to my ears, yet when I look at them I see them as slightly dated. Not as much with Elise as with Elaine, but definitely to some degree. That said, if paired with a more interesting middle name, Elise might seem more fresh. With the terribly-overused-as-a-middle-name Marie, the combo seems a bit bland and uninspiring to me. If Marie is an honoring name, perhaps there is another version of it that might spice up Elise a bit? As for the nickname, Ellie is extremely popular, but I wouldn't let that stop me from using an "El" name if I loved it.

    James Kent - I like your boy combo much more! James may be popular but it has that timeless quality of a true "classic." And Kent is a handsome and refreshingly untrendy middle name. I saw right away how you got the nn Jax but to me Jax is the trendy opposite of James (Jak/Jack would be a little better). I would stick with just James though, and let any nickname evolve naturally. My best friend has a little James who is always called James, never Jamie or Jimmy or anything like that. (His dad loves foreign languages so they sometimes affectionately call him Seamus or Santiago but only as an endearment, not a daily-use nickname.)

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    Elise is lovely! But with the popularity of Jackson, I'd stay far away from the nn Jax.
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