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Thread: Honoring my Mom

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    Red face Honoring my Mom

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    Hey berries!

    I'm trying to figure out some ways I could honor my mom in a future daughter's (or son's) name. Seeing as I am my mother's first daughter, and my middle name is her mother's name, I'd like to follow that tradition. That being said...I can't see myself using her name or her middle name. A name needs to feel right to me, and for some reason, using either Nathalie or Veronique just doesn't feel right.

    So I guess my question is: how would you honor a Nathalie/Veronique? Both for a girl and for a boy!

    Some other things to work with besides just her names...
    - other N names or V names? ideas??
    - I was considering surnames, but because of complications with her family, she doesn't like/feeling attached to either of her maiden names
    - She was born in May
    - Her favorite lake is called Winnemucca
    - She was born in France
    - She has a beautiful smile

    Any ideas??

    Thank you! -- Kay
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    I like both of those names. I would probably put them in the middle. Example:

    Eliza Natalie
    Norah Veronique

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    -variations like Natalie/Natalia/Nathaniel or Veronica
    -something with the same meaning (not so good with name meanings but I'm sure other Berries will have ideas!)
    -parts of the names e.g. Thalia (NaTHALIe) or Vera (VERonique)
    -the region/city she was born in? some French place names are nice
    -something like Joy or Felicity (smile- happiness)
    -Winifred or Winthrop for Winnemucca
    -related to May: Margaret or Mary (May is a diminutive of those), Pearl (the birthstone for May)
    -if you like her taste in names you could get her to pick the middle name herself (or even get her to pick off a list of choices you like)

    Anything else that could work? e.g. the name of a street she lived on, the month she and your dad got married (if they have a good relationship), a name she's always liked but could never use, etc.
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    I really like pp's suggestion of Nathaniel for a boy, very handsome.
    Veronique could be turned into Vera, Verity, Venus, Victor, or Vincent

    Another suggestion is asking your mom what name she loved but never got to use. Maybe she has a GP that she couldn't convince your father of or she has a boys name she didn't get to use because she only had boys. It might end up being a name you really like and you could use as a mn to honor her.
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