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    Boy name needed for #6!

    Hello everyone! I'm asking for help in naming my sixth baby, a boy, due to arrive in November. I am really having a hard time with this one. The names I like are taken by family or friends, so I've come to you!

    My other kids names are:
    Judd Thomas
    Molly Raelyn
    Ellie Malaine
    Sadie Adele (named before duck dynasty and before the famous singer)
    Abram Paul (nn Abe)

    As you see, I like simple names. Not uncommom, but not too popular, at least where I'm from anyways. Each kid has a family name (either first or middle), so boy #6 needs to follow in that trend. The family names we can use are Preston (husbands great uncle) and Nolan (my grandad). I don't love, love either one for a first name, because I feel like they don't really 'go' with my other two boys names...Judd and Abe.

    I'd love to find another short or two syllable. There are many that I like, but seems that they are all taken!! Oh, and also, I'd really like to find a first name with a letter that we haven't used...I know, crazy, right? But I'd like for all my kids to have a different first initial.

    So, I guess I have too many rules..haha! But I know there's a perfect name out there. And I'm confident that you all can help! Thanks so much!

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    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry. Ok, I don't know your surname so I'll just follow your rules of one or two-syllables, no shared initials, mn either Preston or Nolan and has to "fit" with Judd and Abram. Here goes.

    Wyatt Preston
    Keir Nolan
    Fraser Preston
    Dean Preston
    Rhys Nolan
    Caleb Preston
    Rhett Nolan
    Pierce Nolan
    Chase Nolan
    Levi Preston
    Tate Nolan
    Ivor Preston
    Blake Nolan
    Bryce Nolan
    Reid Preston
    Merritt Nolan
    Clive Preston
    Luther Nolan
    Zane Preston
    Kent Nolan
    Calder Preston
    Curtis Nolan
    Troy Preston
    Niall Preston
    Clark Preston
    Clyde Preston
    All the best,

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    Thank you, Mischa, for responding! You've listed many names I like, although, can't! My favorite is Levi Preston. It was one that we had actually talked about, so I'm thrilled to see it listed! I also, like Tate, but husband says with one and they call him Tater. Rhett is another I like. But haven't always...but it's growing on me. Thanks again for your input! Oh, surname is, Clark, Blake, etc. woudn't go too well, I don't think.

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    current favorite names:



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    I like Isaac Preston. I also like Louis Nolan as well. I think Mischa had some other great suggestions too! I wouldn't shy away from a name because it may already have been used by a distant relative. It's your family, your CHILD, and ultimately you can name him whatever you and your husband want! Good luck!

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